A huge loss of 700 million! The famous brand was severely damaged. The boss started from scratch and married Qiu Shuzhen

 A huge loss of 700 million! The famous brand was severely damaged. The boss started from scratch and married Qiu Shuzhen

1. T group is the ancestor of Chinas fashion brand industry. This I.T is not it in the Internet, but the abbreviation of income tea, which originally means the team making money, but now it is far away from this goal.

1. Shen Jiawei, founder of T group, founded I.T company in 1988, which is famous for its avant-garde and fashion. It can be called the originator of fashion brand. It has gradually developed into one of the largest fashion groups in Hong Kong and Macao, and also the oldest fashion brand group in Asia.

Shen Jiawei married the star Qiu Shuzhen in 1999. After marriage, Qiu Shuzhens star effect has greatly helped the I.T. brand. She acted as the image spokesperson in person. After she tried on the approved brand, most of them are in line with the taste of Hong Kong people. Once introduced, they sold well and became the king of carrying goods.

Qiu Shuzhen and Shen Jiawei (screenshot of tuyuan video)

1. Since entering the mainland market in 2002, t group was once regarded as the Enlightenment of the mainland trend consciousness.

At the beginning of the IPO, Shen Jiawei shared 25% of the companys shares with her. By the peak time of I.T groups share price in 2011, Qiu Shuzhen had more than 2 billion Hong Kong dollars, far more than many stars in the same period.

However, todays I.T groups share price has fallen to about HK $1.2, the total market value of the company is less than HK $1.5 billion, and Qiu Shuzhens family is also seriously reduced.

Performance continued to decline, with a net loss of 700 million last year

In 2017, Wu Yifan, the signing star of I.T group, worried about the aging of the brand, became the global spokesperson, hoping to keep the brand younger and attract post-90s consumers.

In 2018, I.T groups revenue reached HK $8.832 billion, which is still growing, but the growth of net profit slowed down significantly, only HK $440 million; in the middle of 2019, for the first time, net loss of HK $71.2 million appeared, and the range of annual loss further expanded.

Up to now, I.T group still has more than 800 stores worldwide. However, I.T brand sales mode is still more traditional, relying too much on offline physical stores, and the sudden epidemic makes store sales fall into a weak state.

Chaopai is no longer small, and Guochao is rising rapidly

For todays young generation, they are no longer infatuated with expensive brands, but the trendy brand, which represents uniqueness and personality, is more popular. With the development of chaopai, a large number of new brands have emerged in this field, and some popular stars have created their own chaopai, which have brought impact on the chaopai of I.T group.

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