Frequent accidents! The country garden site has killed 11 people in two months

 Frequent accidents! The country garden site has killed 11 people in two months

Located in Fuqing City, Fujian Province

Second phase construction site of Huarong Century City in Country Garden

There was a high fall accident,

One person died.

Multiple entrances and exits of the accident site at will

Since May this year, the detailed rules for the implementation of the real name system of construction workers in Fujian Province (for Trial Implementation) have been officially promulgated. The Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development once required the construction company to include the project management personnel of the construction company, the supervision company, the construction company (including subcontractors), as well as the construction workers (including temporary workers) into the real name system management, and carry out biometrics such as fingerprint, face, iris, etc Dont punch in.

At 3:00 p.m. on June 5, haidujun arrived at the site of the incident, phase II of the country garden Huarong Century City, on the west side of Fuzheng Road, Fuqing City.

Country garden Huarong Century City Phase II

Haidujun found that the buildings in the community are under construction, but the walls on the side near Fuzhou road are all demolished. The buildings under construction, especially the storefront on the ground floor, are all displayed in the street. No matter workers or ordinary citizens, they can enter each floor in construction at will from sidewalk.

At the south entrance on one side of Qinghong Road, there is only one security guard on duty, and there is no monitoring and punch in measures at the site entrance.

After entering the site, a construction worker told haidujun that there was a punch point in the construction site, located on the west side of the building.

Installing doors and windows when young workers fell dead

One person familiar with the matter said it happened during the day of May 19. The worker who died was a young man in his 20s, who was installing aluminum doors and windows. When the worker fell from the 26th floor, there was no loud noise.

In the field, haidujun saw the workers of several teams such as greening, fire fighting and painting. In haidujuns confirmation, many workers said that they had just arrived at the construction site and had not heard about what happened on May 19.

Building 11

In front of the 11 building, there were several doors and windows not installed on more than 30 floors, and workers were still working. The platform in front of the building is stacked with a large number of aluminum alloy doors and windows, all from fenan aluminum.

The accident building has been sold out before

Later, haidujun came to the sales center of the country garden Huarong century city. A staff member said that the country garden Huarong Century City project started construction in 2016 and was divided into four phases of sales. Among them, the second phase of the incident unit building, including building 9 to building 12, has been sold out and is about to be capped.

Building 11 in the circle

The staff member said that during the construction of the project, country garden cooperated with the local developer Fujian Huarong Century City Real Estate Co., Ltd. and the property management within three years after the handover was in the charge of country garden.

As for the fall and death of workers, some owners reported to us yesterday. But she was not clear about the details of the accident, the staff said, and the company may issue a notice in the future to explain to the owner.

As for whether the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows is up to the standard, it is a project safety issue.

Haidujun learned that at present, the Provincial Department of housing and construction only exposed the case. At present, Fuqing is investigating the safety accident. After the investigation report is submitted, the Department of housing and construction will make further relevant punishment.

According to a reporter from China reform news,

Its been more than two months,

What happened on the site of country garden

The sixth safety production accident,

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