Colorful reviews: opening a new era of rule of law and striving to be a good citizen of four laws

 Colorful reviews: opening a new era of rule of law and striving to be a good citizen of four laws

Learn civil code actively. The law is the important tool of governing the country, and the good law is the premise of good governance. As the first law named after code since the founding of new China, civil code is an important achievement of the construction of socialist rule of law in the new era. It plays an important role in the legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is a fundamental, stable and long-term basic law, which is conducive to promoting the rule of law in an all-round way, accelerating the construction of a socialist country ruled by law, and developing society It is of great significance to adhere to the people-centered development idea, safeguard peoples rights and interests in accordance with the law, promote the development of Chinas human rights cause, and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity to consolidate the basic socialist economic system. If the civil code is to be implemented well, it must be grasped by the masses, and truly come to the masses and go deep into their hearts. In line with the principle of learning while using and learning for application, we should deeply understand and grasp the significance, core significance and key issues of the civil code, truly regard the code as Encyclopedia of social life, safeguard the practical treasure code of legal civil and commercial rights and interests, ensure that civil rights are not infringed and promote the harmony and order of civil relations.

Actively publicize the civil code. The civil code system integrates the civil legal norms formed in the 70 years since the founding of the peoples Republic of China, draws on the excellent legal culture of the Chinese nation for more than 5000 years, and draws on the beneficial achievements of the construction of human legal civilization. It is a civil code reflecting the nature of socialism in China, in line with the interests and aspirations of the people, and in line with the requirements of the development of the times. It is also a civil code reflecting the safety of life and property The civil code for equal protection of rights in all aspects, such as convenient transaction, happy life and human dignity, is a civil code with distinct Chinese characteristics, practical characteristics and characteristics of the times. The promulgation and implementation of the civil code has ushered in a new era of rule of law in China. It is an important code that really concerns the vital interests of each of us. We need to improve our understanding, strengthen learning, promote popularization, safeguard our own rights and interests with practical actions, safeguard the dignity of the rule of law, and promote the process of rule of law. Party committees, governments and judicial organs at all levels should not only effectively improve their ability to make decisions, administrate, govern and act in accordance with the law, so as to better promote the well-being of the people and safeguard the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, but also try to play a good role as propagandists of the civil code, fulfill the obligations of popularizers of the civil code, actively cultivate the peoples thinking of the rule of law, and promote the peoples law Governance literacy.

Firmly protect the civil code. The life of law lies in its enforcement, and the authority of law lies in its enforcement. There are 7 parts and 1260 articles in the civil code, covering all aspects of peoples livelihood concerns. A comprehensive civil rights protection system has been established, which is not only systematic and comprehensive, scientific in style, rigorous in structure, reasonable in standard and complete in content, but also has Chinese characteristics, fully embodies and expresses the value of the times and the national spirit. It is not only a guarantee law for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the people, but also a standard for the operation of public power Regulation law. The level and effect of administration at all levels is an important yardstick to measure the purpose of serving the people. We should consciously enhance the consciousness and firmness of equality before the law, consciously exercise power and rights, perform duties and obligations in accordance with the civil code, strictly handle affairs and administration according to law, correctly handle the relationship between power and law, and earnestly respect and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses u3002 The masses should consciously enhance their awareness of the rule of law, resolutely develop the habit of doing things according to the law and finding the law when they are in trouble, rely on the law to solve problems, take the initiative to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests from being infringed, promote social fairness and justice, and truly realize the peoples expectation of good law and good governance.

The effect of law is transferred by the love and respect it causes, and this love and respect is transferred by the inner feeling of justice and rationality of law. As long as the whole society makes joint efforts to safeguard the dignity of the civil code, it will certainly enable the civil code to fully demonstrate its value of the times, play its role of consolidating the foundation, stabilizing expectations and benefiting the long-term, and provide legal protection for the realization of the two centenary goals.