CCTV boys get back together! Dont miss the live show of Ni with goods u2192

 CCTV boys get back together! Dont miss the live show of Ni with goods u2192

Beijing consumption season

Will last until the 11th holiday

Six plate activities?

Jingcai, Jingquan and Jingpin

Jingyun, Jingwei, Jingxuan

Covering catering, shopping, culture

Tourism, leisure, entertainment and other fields!

Such a fashionable consumption season

12.2 billion consumption coupons of Beijing Securities

This Saturday at 10 am

How to get it? How to use it?


12 billion 200 million consumption coupons! Are you ready to collect it?

In addition, there are Jingcai plates

6 June (Saturday) 10:00 am

CCTV, Beijing Radio and television

Launched jointly with Jingdong

New consumption, love life first live delivery of Beijing consumption season

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Kanghui official publicity! CCTV boys recombine (source: ~)

CCTV boys

Kanghui, Sabine, Zhu Guangquan, nigmati

Super fit again

Join hands with Chunni, host of Beijing Radio and TV station

Bring you surprises

Traditional hand ceremony in Beijing

Modern smart home appliances

Drive new consumption together

Accelerate the recovery of the market

Live order platform?

Jingdong tiktok, micro-blog, Kwai, and jitter

Headlines, Baidus official account

BTV Ni tiktok, Jingdong, quiver, Kwai official account

Official account of Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala on Weibo and Baidu

Live viewing platform?

CCTV news client, CCTV video, CCTV network

Beijing time, CCTV news WeChat official account

Official account number of CCTV news in station B, todays headlines and Baidu

June 6, 10 a.m

Make an appointment with you!

Supervised by / edited by Xu Bing and Li Zhe / Li Wei and Jiang Yongtao

Editor / MA Weilu cartographer / Shen Yu

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