After the degradation of Beijings emergency response, there are ten major changes

 After the degradation of Beijings emergency response, there are ten major changes

Here are the top ten changes you care about most.

u25a0 do you need to wear a mask when you go out?

Specifically, the occupational protection personnel and the personnel (such as traffic police, industry law enforcement personnel, community workers, etc.) who are frequently difficult to communicate and contact with the public due to work needs shall wear masks according to the post requirements.

It is recommended that people suffering from any respiratory infectious diseases (such as influenza, common cold, etc.) wear masks when going to public places (areas).

It is strongly recommended that nursing staff who care for the elderly, infants and long-term bedridden patients suspend their care in case of respiratory infectious diseases. Medical surgical masks should be worn when nursing is necessary, and hand hygiene should be maintained.

Anyone who goes to the hospital for treatment or accompanies others to the hospital needs to wear a mask. It is generally recommended to wear medical masks and try to maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter from other patients.

In other cases where the risk cannot be determined, the mask can be carried with you and worn if necessary.

In addition to hospital treatment and other special circumstances, it is generally recommended to wear civil health masks or disposable medical masks.

If there are other requirements of the competent department of the industry, the relevant provisions of the competent department of the industry shall be implemented.

u25a0 do you need to take temperature when entering the community?

Chen Bei said that after the degradation of response level in Beijing, community management prevention and control should also be optimized. The big principle is to adjust from closed management to normal management.

Appropriate opening of the community checkpoint, orderly opening of the community (Village), indoor and outdoor sports fitness and cultural entertainment measures.

Chen Bei said that when the emergency response level is lowered, the combination of prevention and release will be adopted.

u25a0 how to see a doctor if you have a sore throat and cough but no fever?

1. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases reported abroad or in the first 14 days before the onset of the disease reported the travel history or residential history of the area.

3. Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases reported from abroad or in China within 14 days before onset.

4. More than one person in family, unit or surrounding areas had the same symptoms within 14 days.

Those who do not have the above conditions can first consult through the Internet diagnosis and treatment platform, and pay attention to observe the change of the condition, such as no symptom aggravation, etc., and can drink more water and rest at home.

u25a0 what are the changes in public transportation from Beijing to Hebei?

The specific lines are: 882 Road (Shangcheng phase V - Wangjing West subway station), 805 Express (Beijing Station East - Langfang), 910 Road (Chaobaihe peacock city - Tuqiao Village), 810 Express (Fuli new city - daxianting Bridge East), 943 Road (Yongdingmen coach station - Bazhou railway station), Fengning intercity (Fengning - Wangjing West subway station), Luanping intercity (Luanping - Wangjing West subway station), Gaobeidian intercity (Gaobeidian Liuliqiao East) and 938 Road (Tongzhou Beiyuan Road crossing West Xianghe General Station) with interval measures.

u25a0 can people from other places come to Beijing on business?

According to Chen Bei, except for overseas and high-risk areas, people from other areas can stay in hotels and Hotels with health green code when they travel to Beijing. Wuhan personnel who come to Beijing can stay in Hotels with negative nucleic acid test certificate.

In principle, people in Beijing do not travel to high school risk areas. At the same time, the management measures such as collective situation of personnel in Beijing and business trip out of Beijing shall be strictly implemented. In the middle and high-risk areas, the personnel coming to Beijing need to strictly detect nucleic acid and focus on home-based medical observation.

u25a0 can foreign tourists come to Beijing?

Chen Bei said that when the level of emergency prevention and control is reduced to level 3, the domestic team tourism business will be opened in due time, except for medium and high-risk areas. The entry and exit team tourism business is temporarily closed.

u25a0 do entry personnel need nucleic acid detection and isolation?

Chen Bei, Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing Municipal Peoples government, said that after Beijings emergency prevention and control level was lowered to level 3, in terms of the management of entering Beijing, international flights insisted on remote screening, including nucleic acid testing. After entering China, nucleic acid testing is still needed, and all entry personnel need centralized medical observation.

u25a0 are there any restrictions on Hubei people entering Beijing?

After Beijings emergency response level for epidemic prevention and control was downgraded, restrictions on Hubeis personnel entering Beijing were relaxed.

At present, on the basis of the widespread use of Beijing health treasure, the restrictions on civil aviation, railway ticket purchase and road entry permit for Wuhan people in Hubei Province are lifted, except for those in medium and high risk areas.

The personnel from Wuhan included in Hubei no longer carry out 14 day home or centralized observation, and the observation is cancelled for those who are in the process of home or centralized observation. The personnel from Wuhan included in Beijing have negative certificate of nucleic acid test, no longer carry out secondary nucleic acid test, and those without certificate need nucleic acid test.

u25a0 does demotion mean everything is in order?

Chen Bei introduced that the emergency response level of public health emergencies in Beijing has been adjusted from level 2 to level 3, which does not mean that the epidemic prevention and control has been everything is in order.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the spread of overseas epidemics has not been effectively curbed. Internal anti rebound must not be ignored. We must always keep a high degree of vigilance, adhere to scientific prevention and control, precise policy implementation and effective response, adhere to the principle of external anti input and internal anti rebound, implement the four responsibilities, achieve Three Prevention, four early and nine strict, and continue to do a good job in normalization Prevention and control, consolidate stable and better prevention and control situation, and accelerate the restoration of normal production and life order.

Dai Xuan, Ma Jinqian, reporter of Beijing News

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