Former U.S. diplomat: China believes that the era of China has come

 Former U.S. diplomat: China believes that the era of China has come

The former diplomat, named Robert Daly, served as a cultural exchange officer at the US embassy in China in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and as a translator for the leaders of China and the United States. Now he is the director of Kissinger Institute of Sino US relations at Wilson Center, a us think tank.

He believes that as countries around the world try to cope with the new outbreak, China has been committed to showing its geopolitical strength, which reflects Chinas belief that the era of China has arrived.

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Recently, the outside world has been quite critical of Chinas foreign policy. Some people think that Chinas diplomacy has become more and more aggressive and tough.

Wang Yi answers reporters questions on May 24. The picture is from

He said that no matter how the international situation changes, we will hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win results, adhere to the purpose of maintaining world peace and promoting common development, carry out friendly cooperation with other countries, and make new and greater contributions to mankind as our mission.

Wang Yi said: we never take the initiative to bully others, but at the same time, Chinese people have principles and integrity. We will fight back against the deliberate slander and resolutely safeguard the honor and national dignity of our country. As for the unwarranted defamation, we will lay out the truth and resolutely safeguard fairness, justice and human conscience.