170 million talents: high quality human resources

 170 million talents: high quality human resources

Talent is the most active and active element in innovation activities. China has more than 170 million talents with higher education or all kinds of professional skills. There are huge potential and vitality in the rich talent resources. Therefore, we need to further deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, form a talent structure to meet the needs of high-quality development and the construction of an innovative country, change Chinas human capital from scale expansion to quality improvement, and let population dividend add talent dividend to provide strong intellectual support for Chinas high-quality development.

There are more than 170 million talents with higher education or all kinds of professional skills in China. The large-scale talent resource team plays a unique and irreplaceable role in the economic and social development. Especially as Chinas economy moves towards a stage of high-quality development, this role is particularly prominent.

Where is the foundation of economic transformation

What is the most expensive thing in the 21st century? Talent!

In the past, Chinas economic development mainly depended on low-cost land, natural resources, labor and other factors. Now, in pursuit of high-quality development, we must turn to the development mode of high added value, innovation driven and environment-friendly. This transformation cannot be separated from the support of human resources. Zhou Maohua said.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread worldwide, and domestic enterprises have increased pressure on production and operation. In this case, we should pay more attention to the advantages of human resources. Li Zuojun, deputy director of the Institute of resources and environmental policy of the development research center of the State Council, said that on the one hand, affected by the epidemic situation, many domestic enterprises have more difficulties in production and operation, are more eager to transform and upgrade, and have a stronger demand for human resources. On the other hand, with the rapid development of Chinas economy towards high-quality development, the industrial development will also accelerate to the middle and high-end, which means that it is difficult to have an advantage in competing the prices of resource elements, and it is necessary to continuously improve the technical content and refinement level of products. Only by relying on the talent team and continuously strengthening innovation can we remain invincible in the future competition.

Considering the situation at home and abroad, stimulating the potential creativity of more than 170 million talents and realizing more independent innovation are important magic weapons for China to cope with the current international situation and improve the level of science and technology. Guo Guannan said that to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of more than 170 million talents, form a talent resource structure matching with industrial transformation and upgrading, realize the positive cycle between talent resources and industrial upgrading, and create a more powerful support for industrial transformation and upgrading by talent resources is an important foundation for China to promote economic transformation and upgrading.

Tap the potential of human resources

Talent is the foundation of economic development. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, great achievements have been made in Chinas economy, which is inseparable from the cultivation and introduction of talents and the construction of talent team.

At present, there are many difficulties in global economic growth, and external instability and uncertainty factors increase. The imbalance and inadequacy of domestic development are more prominent, and the economy is facing new downward pressure. Under such circumstances, we should actively tap the potential of human resources, release the talent dividend and unswervingly promote high-quality development.

In recent years, China has introduced a series of policies and measures to stimulate the innovation and Entrepreneurship of talents and release the talent dividend. Nowadays, innovation and entrepreneurship have become an important force to promote Chinas economic transformation and upgrading, as well as an important support to promote employment.

Overall, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the release of talent dividends. Guo Guannan said that in terms of the implementation effect of relevant policies, we should focus on the analysis of the implementation effect of the policies that have been issued and strengthen the feedback adjustment of the policies that have been issued. At the same time, the new policies should be more targeted, and pay attention to the implementation of policies.

Guo Guannan suggested that we should further improve the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel, accelerate the deepening of the reform of the right to use, disposal and income right of scientific and technological achievements, fully reflect the value of knowledge and innovation in income distribution, effectively liberalize the restrictions on the labor income of scientific research personnel, fully release the innovation potential of scientific and technological personnel, improve the quality and efficiency of scientific and technological supply, so as to retain high-end talents.

At present, there are still a series of outstanding problems in our country, such as structural unemployment, failure to give full play to the potential of talents, and low proportion of top talents in various industries. Zhou Maohua said that to solve these problems and fully release the talent dividend, we must take comprehensive measures in combination with Chinas specific national conditions to promote the closer integration of higher education and industrial development; improve the construction of multi-level capital market and supporting industrial chain, so that innovative technology can be transformed into productivity faster; improve the legal system to better protect intellectual property rights; accelerate the integration of industry, learning, research and innovation Department; increase vocational training for talents, reduce structural contradictions in the employment market, etc.

The key to the release of talent bonus is to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of talents and promote the development of productivity. Li said that we must respect and attach importance to talents, fully protect the rights of all kinds of talents, especially their intellectual property rights; we must provide all kinds of incentives beyond the property rights for all kinds of talents, steadily improve their income level, and match their contributions with their returns; we must strive to provide good guarantee services for talents and solve their worries.

At present, the role of talents in promoting economic development is more and more obvious, and more and more attention is paid to talent resources in different regions.

In fact, attracting talents is only the starting point of talent work. To truly release the vitality of human resources, the key is to create a series of institutional arrangements, social environment and cultural atmosphere conducive to the development of innovation activities, and to maximize the release of talent dividend through continuous improvement of institutional mechanisms.

In Guo Guannans view, attracting and retaining talents is a competition between cities. Relevant policies are only better but not the best. We should formulate good policies with full gold content in order to meet the needs of talents.

We should pay attention to stability policy and overall planning policy. Guo Guannan said that some cities often change and adjust the policy of attracting and retaining talents, which leads to the lack of talents; some cities not only issue the policy of attracting talents at the municipal level, but also the counties and districts under their jurisdiction formulate their own policies of attracting talents. The contents of the documents are complicated, but the actual effect is not good.

Guo Guannan said that it would be unrealistic and wasteful to scientifically formulate attracting policies based on local industries and set attracting targets with high ambitions. We should focus on enhancing the attraction of local talents, on the one hand, attracting local talents to return to work and start businesses, on the other hand, we should increase efforts to keep local college graduates in local employment.

In addition, the experts also suggested that we should further deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, form a talent structure to meet the needs of high-quality development and the construction of an innovative country, form a more active, more open and more efficient talent policy environment, promote the transformation of Chinas human capital from scale expansion to quality improvement, and let the population dividend superimpose the talent dividend to provide high-quality development for China Exhibition provides strong intellectual support.