It is said that the upper limit of jd.coms share price is HK $236 per share, which will be put on public sale on June 8

 It is said that the upper limit of jd.coms share price is HK $236 per share, which will be put on public sale on June 8

Earlier today, Jingdong passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing and disclosed the post hearing data set, which disclosed the latest shareholding situation and the fund purpose of the IPO.

According to the data set, JD plans to invest IPO funds in key technology innovation based on supply chain to further improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Specifically, JD will continue to invest in a series of key operating systems, such as intelligent pricing and inventory management system, intelligent customer service solutions and omni channel intelligent retail platform, to further develop and improve retail technology and customer participation.

At the same time, JD will continue to invest in logistics technology, realize the digitalization of logistics capability by establishing various internal systems (such as warehouse automation system, priority route planning system and intelligent hardware), and further invest in and develop advanced intelligent logistics technology in software and hardware (such as dynamic sorting system and unmanned warehouse).

In addition, the hearing document issued by Jingdong on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange mentioned that Jingdong has applied to the Hong Kong stock exchange for exemption. Although as of the date of this document, Jingdong does not have any specific plan on the time or details of the potential spin off and listing of the Hong Kong stock exchange, the company will continue to explore the continuous financing needs of different businesses and may consider one or more related businesses in Xiangxiang within three years The stock exchange of Hong Kong is split and listed.

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