Interview: what should leaders do if they dont eat your meal? Make good use of these three routines, and the city will laugh till the end

 Interview: what should leaders do if they dont eat your meal? Make good use of these three routines, and the city will laugh till the end

Mr. Zhang came to No. 8 factory again. At noon, Mr. Wang, the director of No. 8 factory, told Mr. Zhang that their workshop director had arranged lunch. Please move to the small restaurant. General manager Zhang arrived at the small hotel and said to the workshop director, we should arrange according to the working meal standard.. The director of the workshop quickly said, yes, four dishes and one soup. President Zhang opened the pot and saw that the stew was full of delicacies. He smelled the mineral water and Maotai. With a heavy face, president Zhang said seriously, how can you, little comrade, have such a high standard? The workshop director immediately answered, no matter what the standard, its my own pocket. General manager Zhang stared, you cant afford to pay your own money. What do the masses do when they see it?

The next day, the front page of the local newspaper published a picture report: Mr. Zhang refused to eat excessive food. Before long, president Zhang was rated as an honest and clean individual of the group, and soon became a regular, promoted from executive vice president to general manager. Zhang Dahai immediately held a team meeting to promote the director of the eighth factory, Lao Wang, to vice president, in charge of the project.

Zhang Dahai personally conducted these three on-site interviews, revealing his way to know and employ people.

Xiao Li, the factory director of No. 1 factory, arranged to have a working meal in the canteen directly, and mechanically executed the documents of the superior, which was too principled and inflexible.

Mr. Wang, the director of No. 8 factory, is both principled and flexible. He is very city-state. He can neither rigidly implement the regulations nor arrange the canteen directly, nor go to the hotel in a big way. Then, let the director of the workshop arrange the small restaurant to test the bottom line of Mr. Zhang. If Zhang is satisfied with his food, he will be given extra points. If President Zhang doesnt accept this kind of four dishes and one soup, immediately throw the pot to the workshop director, then turn the bad things into good things, praise president Zhang, deal with the workshop director, without any damage to himself, not only help President Zhang, but also follow the trend.

From these three on-site interviews, we can see: how to arrange meals under leadership? The third way is to have a deep routine. Only when something happens can you be reused. What if the leader doesnt eat the meal you arranged? Learn one of the three routines of the elder Wang of the eighth factory. Try to find out, throw the pot and make bad things good. Only those in the city will laugh until the end. This article is satirical, despises this kind of behavior, promotes the positive energy.