I tried my best to save it. Why didnt it work!

 I tried my best to save it. Why didnt it work!

Alas, there are some men in the world who dont know how to cherish others good and typical rubbish! If you do try your best, he is still indifferent. At this time, the most important thing is to stop loss in time. Let go resolutely and pursue your true happiness. Such a man is not worth you to pay for him!

But then again, when criticizing and criticizing others, we should first reflect on ourselves. Are we doing well enough and are we using the right way to recover? Even if the way is right, are we using it right?

Next, I have to pour cold water on you. Maybe the truth is not what you think. The schoolmaster has always believed that all things have a way. Just because you cant see it doesnt mean that others cant see it. When you save, you must not be bound by your own inherent thinking.

People always believe what they see, but they dont believe what they cant see. For example, some women always say, there is no good thing in the world. The reason why these women believe so much is that they only see a bad man in their eyes, but it doesnt mean that there is no good man in the world!

When you are in such a situation, when you look at something with a biased eye, your thoughts will naturally be led astray.

Its the same with recovery. Why do you try your best, but its useless? There must be a reason behind this! There are several reasons for this:

Do you really try your best

In the process of recovery, many women are most likely to make mistakes, that is, they want to get the greatest return through a little effort! I think I have tried 100% hard.

Indeed, for those who usually dont pay much, as long as she pays a little, she will feel that she has done her best. After all, she didnt pay much before. Such a sudden payment is her best.

But its not that easy to save!

For example, how can you hurt a man for three years and try to save him in a week? How can it be that you hurt a man so deeply that you try a little to save him?

So when you feel like youve tried your best and your ex hasnt responded, you need to reflect on yourself to see if youve really achieved your goal.

Did you get the point

Recovery must be aimed at the hearts of men to recover! There is an old saying: beat the snake seven inches, shoot the man first, shoot the horse, catch the thief first, catch the king. If you cant grasp the key points and operate blindly, you will only hurt yourself and make yourself laborious.

Just like in a war, when a pile of shells flies by, the enemy is undamaged, but he loses a lot.

Think about your own way to save is not for men to save the knot?

I have a trainee who has tried all kinds of methods before finding me. The last point has no effect. But the schoolmaster can see where the mans heart knot is at a glance. I asked the trainee to send a message to her husband, which quickly reversed his impression on her. His husband didnt call her wife for a year. This time, he not only called his wife, but also took the initiative to sleep with the students.

The husband of the trainee was lack of respect and understanding when he was young. He wanted to get it from his wife after marriage, but he didnt get it from his wife.

In the relationship between men, the most important thing is to be recognized and respected. When a man can not get this demand at home, he will ask for help.

So, the man began to look for women outside, and constantly cheated, trying to find his dignity and recognized needs.

In that relationship, mans heart knot is eager to be recognized, respected and understood! Now that we know the knot, its better to save it.

The husband of the trainee is taking the medicine recently. Because he has no time to get the medicine at work, he asked the trainee to help him get it. At the beginning, the trainee told me that I would not take it. Would he not take it himself? But I told her that she must go to get it, and the senior teacher helped her write a paragraph to her husband, which was written as follows:

Soon after this sentence, the students sent a good news to the seniors:

One year, I didnt call her wife. This time, I even called my wife, and I also took the initiative to hug her.

Although its a simple sentence, whats behind it is a sentence designed for mens knot. Dont you not get respect and understanding? Ill tell you. Moreover, I said this sentence is simply to care about you, not to ask for.

When your husband feels your understanding and concern, his natural heart will be soft.

So, you can see that this is the recovery of the key point. If you grasp the key point, you can quickly reverse the impression of your predecessor. If you cant grasp the key point, you can only push him further and further.

No right way

The same method, different people use different results, the key is how to use this method, many people have no effect, it is likely not to use the right method!

For example, as we all know, retrieval needs to be disconnected. It is obvious that the method of disconnection used by the seniors is different from yours.

Most people cut off the connection, thinking that they would not contact with him, so as to gradually eliminate the emotions of their predecessors, thinking that when they reconnected again, they would be reunited with themselves.

But the purpose of disconnection is to make yourself change secretly, because only when you change, disconnection and recombination will be valuable, otherwise, it will be a waste of effort.

For example, when you write a recovery letter, the effect of what you write is also different from that of a senior. The seniors write for mens knot, and you write for venting your emotions. So what you write doesnt work.

When some students saw no effect, they came to blame their elders and said, you see, you say that writing a recovery letter can save their predecessors. Its no use for a liar. the elders said that its hard for them to say any wrongs!

Therefore, its very important to use the method in recovery. If you are not sure, dont try to find a senior by yourself. Ill teach you how to fight!