A new official takes office! Which three fires will oppo China President Liu Bo burn?

 A new official takes office! Which three fires will oppo China President Liu Bo burn?

Therefore, OPPO duty culture is printed in Paul Lius words and deeds. Its hard to hear the content of the evaluation of friends and businessmen from his mouth; there wont be any heroic words. For the adjustment and planning after taking office, he said that we should pay attention to the long-term right things, and do the long-term accumulation to succeed; we should focus on products, make products that make consumers excited; and we should achieve long-term win-win with partners.

For mobile phone manufacturers, this years situation is very special. The impact of the epidemic has hindered the development of overseas markets, with more pressure focused on China. How can oppo win the competition in Chinas mobile phone market such as hurricanes and tornadoes? Especially after the continuous adjustment of the structure and personnel, how to stabilize the military and revive the Chinese market has become Liu Bos primary task.

Liu Bo said that the most important thing for oppo China is to fight well the battle of products in the price range of the granary. And Reno series is the most important granary product.

Three major adjustments in two years

On April 19, 2020, oppo announced two important personnel appointments: Liu Lei was appointed as president of global marketing, concurrently serving as CMO of China, taking full charge of oppo marketing, and his work was reported to CEO Chen Mingyong; for personal health reasons, Shen Yiren, the former president of global marketing of oppo, would step down from his post.

This is the third major senior personnel adjustment of oppo since 2018.

In May 28, 2018, OPPO announced two important personnel appointments: Wu Qiang, vice president of OPPO, head of marketing OPPO, Chinese mainland, and fully responsible for OPPOs overseas market. He appointed Shen Yi Ren as assistant vice president of OPPO and is fully responsible for Chinese mainland marketing.

Wu Qiang joined OPPO in 2006 and began to be the head of Chinese mainland marketing in December of that year. Shen Yi joined OPPO in 2013, and served as the Minister of marketing planning for Chinese mainland OPPO. This is the first time that Shen Yi, a young 85, has appeared in the media view. Oppo said the main purpose of the move is to promote the rapid development of the companys overseas market business and the cultivation of young talents.

At this time, the global smartphone is in the mature stage, the domestic market is saturated, and the overall shipment volume is declining. According to IDC data, in the whole year of 2018, the shipment volume of the domestic intelligent machine market dropped by more than 10% year on year. Oppo, with a market share of 19.8%, takes the second place in the domestic market. Therefore, in 2018, oppo began to further increase its journey to the global market, officially opening the Japanese and European markets.

In August 16, 2019, OPPO announced the establishment of a global sales system and global marketing system. At the same time, Wu Qiang, vice president of OPPO and President of overseas affairs department, was appointed Vice President and global sales director of OPPO. Now vice president of OPPO and President of Chinese mainland business Shen Yiren will be vice president and global marketing president of OPPO. Wu Qiang and Shen Yi both report to oppo CEO Chen Mingyong.

Oppo said the move was intended to open up domestic and foreign markets and form a global market system. Chen Mingyong also mentioned that oppo has always adhered to the business philosophy of one game of global chess. The future market is a global integrated market. Opportunities and challenges require us to integrate resources and continuously improve global operation capacity.

After more than half a year, on April 9, 2020, oppo upgraded its strategic position in China, appointed Liu Bo as president of China, was fully responsible for the operation of the Chinese market and brand building, and reported to oppo CEO Chen Mingyong.

According to the data, Liu Bo joined oppo in 2005 and was promoted to Chief Procurement Officer of oppo in 2014. In 2019, Liu Bo became the president of oppos emerging mobile terminal business department.

Oppo said that due to the rapid development of overseas business, it is necessary to strengthen the refined operation of each key market in the future, and China, as an advantage region with mature business, further improves its independent operation capability. Therefore, Liu Bo is responsible for the independence of Chinese brands.

Then, on April 20, oppo announced that Shen Yiren, President of global marketing, would step down and appoint Liu Lei as president of global marketing and concurrently as CMO of China.

So far, oppo said to complete the high-level personnel transformation and form a global coordination and strategic strengthening of personnel layout in China.

With regard to the changes of oppo in the past two years, Liu Bo, the new president of China, said that the core of oppo is duty, and the core of duty is to grasp the essence of things. No matter how oppo changes, it is always following the consumers, following the young people, doing what they like or innovate.

No 4G new products are on the market in China

Affected by the uncertainty of the epidemic situation and Sino US trade and other factors, the Chinese market has become an important position for mobile phone brands to compete for sales volume. Some people compare the competition in this years mobile phone market to Hurricane and tornado, which shows the intensity of the competition.

The most important thing for oppo is the product. We attach great importance to the focus of the product and the future planning of the product. Liu Bo said.

In the process of 4G to 5g, oppo is more stable than other radical 5g strategies.

In response, Liu Bo said that oppos strategy of 4G to 5g conversion is very firm. At present, oppos products with a price range of 2000-6000 yuan are all 5g products.

It will soon be seen that the middle and low-end machines are all 5g products. I can tell you that from now on, oppo has no 4G new products in the Chinese market. Liu Bo affirmed.

In fact, the development speed of 5g is far faster than you think. Before that, both mobile phone manufacturers and third-party analysis institutions have predicted that there will be 5g thousand yuan mobile phones in the fourth quarter or at the end of this year. But the reality is that before the end of the second quarter of 2020, mobile phone manufacturers have launched a thousand yuan 5g mobile phone, and the price war of 5g mobile phone is more fierce than that of 4G.

Liu Bo said that oppo will not deliberately fight price war, and its strategy is to let all users quickly use 5g products.

In addition to 5g video anti shake, the new reno4 has made great efforts in light and thin: compared with reno3pro, it has upgraded 65W fast charging, but also reduced the thickness of the whole fuselage by 0.1mm, challenging the limit of industrial design.

Liu Bo said that the core of oppos products is to make users feel wow products, which can make consumers feel excited after seeing them. For now, light and thin are the most important. So oppo now focuses on the main line.

In the future, oppo doesnt know whether to make chips or not, but for the technologies urgently needed by consumers, oppo must follow up, make a thorough understanding of these technologies, research into the deep water area, and make technology the core driving force for future development. Liu Bo explained.

According to it, oppo will continue to consolidate its in-depth advantages this year, and channel investment will double compared with 2019. It will build a pyramid model by layers and levels.

As early as last year (2019), oppo found that business and people flow in major cities were converging on shopping mall. The whole market in China is about thousands, even tens of thousands of shopping malls. They have gradually become a place where people gather. They spend much more time in shopping mall than in street shops. Warm in winter and cool in summer, eating, drinking and playing a dragon are all solved. In this business form, oppo will gradually move its business layout to mall.

It is understood that oppo has entered more than 600 shoppingmalls.

At the same time, with the development of Zhonggao high-speed line city to shoppingmall and exclusive stores, oppo has also made investment in more low-end cities, such as improving the terminal image, so that consumers can experience and buy oppos products on site.

In terms of channel system, oppo has basically formed a pyramid retail system with super flagship stores as the core and flagship stores, experience stores and specialty stores as the core to build a composite network to meet various consumer needs.

Liu Bo said he has been observing this phenomenon for the popular online Red live delivery and boss live delivery forms this year, and also hoped to actively explore new marketing methods for private traffic marketing and live broadcasting.

This time, reno4, oppo chose to let Li Jiaqi carry the goods live after the conference.

Marketing: follow the young people

In terms of marketing, Liu Bo said that oppo is a 2C company. In the future, oppo will adhere to the concept of following the changes of users and taking users as the core. Especially young users, do what they like and find interesting.

Before reno4 was released, oppo announced that Ouyang Nana had joined the star family camp.

Ouyang Nanas vlog is very good, especially in the young people. We Reno 4 video shooting is also very good. Using the best video phone to shoot the best vlog is our idea. Liu Bo said.

In a word, Liu Bos most important strategy is focus. He said that focusing is very important. For oppo, it means focusing on products and making products that are heartfelt; focusing on channels to make the long board longer; and strengthening the marketing field that oppo has always been good at.

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