Pengsiqing, Peking University: six major upgrades are needed for the rebirth of local stall economy

 Pengsiqing, Peking University: six major upgrades are needed for the rebirth of local stall economy

The taste of fireworks in the world stabs people directly! Recently, the stall economy has exploded the circle of friends, and even the stock market has seen a sharp rise in the concept of stall stocks! In addition, Alibaba, Jingdong, WeChat payment, meituan, Suning and other Internet companies have also made moves.

Stall economy is not a word of sudden fire. The discussion about stall economy has always existed, but it is often accompanied by controversy and negative news. This out of the circle may be a rebirth opportunity. However, in order to achieve healthy development, the local stall economy needs to be upgraded in six aspects.

1. Concept upgrading: low threshold, not equal to low-end, not to mention low-end

When it comes to the stall economy, many people think it is the synonym of poor economy, low-end economy, backward economy, even dirty, disorderly and poor economy, which should be eliminated and attacked. Under the influence of this concept, the urban managements pursuit of small vendors has become a well-known cat and mouse story. In order to develop the stall economy, we should first overcome the stigmatization of the stall economy to some extent, abandon the old concept, and realize that the stall economy is also one of the normal economic forms. The stall is not a Scar of a city, not a burden of urban civilization. On the contrary, the reasonable living space for the stall economy is the embodiment of a citys warmth and vitality. To some extent, the economic threshold of the stall is low, it is more inclusive, it is closer to the life of ordinary citizens, it can reflect the local characteristics and customs, and the stall can also produce high-quality products. The healthy development of the stall economy can also become the urban landscape.

From the perspective of economic ecology, in Chinas vast consumer market, there is unbalanced development in various regions. Even in large cities, there are differences in the income level, consumption level and consumption habits of different groups of people. Stall phenomenon is actually a part of the whole economic state. A normal economy is often diversified, and various economic forms, product sales forms and employment forms should coexist. As a kind of economic form, stall economy also needs to be respected, supported, cultivated and optimized.

2. Quality upgrading: low threshold, no lower than low quality. The local economy also needs total quality management

First of all, the quality of goods must be improved, not only at a low price, but also with good quality. Otherwise, the market demand cannot be met, and the living space will be smaller and smaller. Through the improvement of the quality of goods, the inherent prejudice of consumers to local stall can be changed, so that consumers can also find good goods or even high-quality goods on the local stall.

Secondly, food safety, hygiene and quality must be guaranteed. This is even more important in the post epidemic period. The sanitation of stall snacks is often a concern for consumers. To improve the food sanitation level of stall economy, we should not only rely on the self-consciousness of operators, but also need special management agencies and relevant laws and regulations.

Third, the service quality of the local stall economy also needs to be improved accordingly. In the past, there was almost no after-sales service and other corresponding service measures for the goods purchased at the stall. In order to meet the higher requirements of the present consumers for service quality, the stall managers and operators should consciously improve the relevant services and attract more consumers with better experience.

3. Experience upgrading: to attract and retain customers, the local stall economy should also be upgraded from the past consumption of food and clothing to experience consumption

In order to develop the stall economy continuously, it needs to attract a large number of customers. With the improvement of income level and consumption level, the taste of most customers has been upgraded.

In the past, many people went to the stall to solve the problem of food and clothing at a low price, not only for convenience, but also for cheapness. Now, many people may go to the stall to taste, have fun and experience, and pursue characteristics, small crowd and high-quality products. In fact, there is not so much stratification and fracture in the composition of the economic consumers in the stall. Therefore, in order to retain customers, the local stall economy must work hard on upgrading the experience. A good experience makes customers feel that shopping at a local stall is not only a way of consumption, but also a part of their life style, which will bring a steady stream of passenger flow to the local stall economy.

4. On site management upgrading: make good use of new technologies, establish new norms and establish new order

Stall owners to give customers a good experience, not only need quality assurance, but also need good on-site management, to create a convenient, orderly and warm consumption environment for customers.

For example, stall owners can use mobile payment to facilitate transactions and establish connections with customers through micro signals; market managers can evaluate the merits and punish the inferior through network feedback; and industry associations can be established between stall owners to improve consensus, mutual supervision and common improvement of operation and service level.

5. Government service upgrading: release water to raise fish and do not encourage growth

At present, the government departments at all levels attach great importance to the local economy, and regard opening up and invigorating the local economy as an important starting point to ensure employment, peoples livelihood and boost consumption. Many local governments have issued many effective measures, but some places have also made mistakes.

The stall economy seems simple, but it involves a wide range of systems engineering. The healthy development of the stall economy needs not only the active promotion of the government departments, but also the fine management and high-quality service of the government departments.

First of all, when formulating relevant policies, government departments should respect economic laws and the will of the people, do not engage in formalistic face projects, and do not do a good job in the project of great achievements. We should release water to raise fish instead of pulling up seedlings to encourage them. Relevant departments need to clarify their responsibilities and determine which should be managed and which should not. On the basis of giving the market main body sufficient management space, we should take effective management measures for the parts that need standardized management.

Secondly, the government departments need to conduct in-depth and detailed research on the operators, participants, consumers, managers and other stakeholders of the local stall economy, understand the difficulties and problems they face, and provide targeted solutions. We need to listen to peoples opinions and suggestions on relevant policies, improve service level in time, and simplify service process as much as possible on the premise of ensuring necessary standards. In addition, we can guide and stimulate peoples consumption in local economy by means of financial support such as consumption vouchers.

Third, the social and economic benefits of the stall economy should be scientifically evaluated, the role of the stall economy should not be overstated, and individual cases should not be unilaterally publicized in order to build a typical news grab.

The focus of the stall economy is the stall, but many links can be grafted behind it, including online and offline communication and planning; the management and service of the stall economy can not only look at the stall, but also need to carry out the whole chain management, service and optimization and upgrading of the industrial ecology of the stall economy. Some measures recently introduced by large enterprises can play a good role in guiding and helping to optimize the industrial ecology of the local economy.

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