Dialogue imitating boy Zhong Meimei: Im very happy to grow up and want to test Nortel

 Dialogue imitating boy Zhong Meimei: Im very happy to grow up and want to test Nortel

The upstream news reporter talked to Zhong Meimei. He said that he started to contact video shooting during playing with his aunt. The video was originally uploaded in April. The original intention of imitation was to make netizens happy, not to imitate real teachers.

Zhong Meimei said that in the future, she will still release imitation videos in her spare time, which will not change her original intention of creation, but if she imitates the teacher again, she will not exaggerate as before.

u25b2 Zhong Meimei is at home in Hegang. Picture provided by interviewee

All of a sudden, its very exciting.

In May 2020, Zhong Meimei, a 13-year-old boy from Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, caught fire because of imitating his teacher. The small video he shot can be seen on various social platforms for a while. It is called imitating ghost talent by netizens. Up to now, the fans of Zhong Meimei have reached 1.2 million, and the data is still rising.

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After the movie, Zhong Meimei imitates the teacher in charge of the class to raid the art class. I am really soft! (source: ~)

On June 5, the upstream journalists talked to Zhong Meimei. Different from the image of the Internet, Zhong Meimei is very introverted in her life. She speaks in a slow voice and is easy to be shy. According to Zhong Meimeis family, he loved performing since he was a child. In 2018, he also performed at the opening ceremony of the reclamation area games and was rated as an excellent actor. Zhong Meimei has a sister who is also good at imitation. When Zhong Meimei is shooting, her sister always wants to participate.

For the sudden rise in popularity, Zhong Meimei said that she did not know why she suddenly became angry, very happy, very excited.

u25b2 up to now, the number of fans of Zhong Meimei has reached 1.2 million, which is still rising. Network screenshot

Upstream news: when do you start to contact imitation?

Zhong Meimei: I used to imitate it, but it didnt come out. Send to the Internet is at the end of April, in the process of playing with my aunt accidentally contact video shooting, my aunt think they imitate very much, sent to the Internet, did not expect to be so hot.

Upstream news: what is the original purpose of shooting? Where does the material come from?

Zhong Meimei: I want to make netizens happy, cherish and recall the time of school.

The accumulation of material comes from watching TV, short video platform, etc. I usually watch some funny and talent videos, and then recreate them on this basis.

Upstream news: in what environment do you usually create?

Upstream news: will imitation and learning conflict?

Zhong Meimei: we still need to focus on learning. Videos are shot in our spare time, almost thinking about what to say and not spending a lot of time preparing in advance.

Happiness and trouble after becoming popular

Outside the screen, Zhong Meimei is no longer wearing her mothers clothes, exaggerating to imitate the teachers online big V, but an ordinary 13-year-old boy.

After the popularity of the Internet, there are not only concerns but also disputes. Some netizens are curious about the source of the material, while others question whether this will damage the image of the teacher.

On May 29, Zhong Meimei released a large number of videos imitating teachers. The videos imitating train conductor and square dancing aunt are still kept on the home page. It is rumoured that he was interviewed by the local education department. In this regard, Zhong Meimei also made clarification.

Upstream news: what has changed since it became popular?

Zhong Meimei: someone will recognize me when I go out, but Im a little shy.

Upstream news: do you watch fans messages? What impresses me?

Zhong Meimei: the fans left a message saying that I imitated it very much. I have talent.

Upstream news: suddenly popular, what are the happiness and troubles?

Zhong Meimei: its happy that so many people pay attention to it, but it also brings troubles to study and life. For example, many people call me every day, from 4:00 in the morning to 12:00 in the middle of the night. During online classes, some people call me, and even call my cell phone until its dead.

Upstream news: do you have confidence in your published works?

Upstream news: after what happened, did someone put pressure on you? Why is the video off the shelf?

Zhong Meimei: no pressure. The teacher contacted me just to say dont affect my study and take photos in my spare time. I want to take the video off the shelf because I want to shoot something else.

Upstream news: some netizens think that imitation has defaced the image of teachers. What do you think?

Zhong Meimei: Im not imitating real teachers. My teachers in real life are very good. There is no such thing. The video is just improvisation. All the characters and names in the video are virtual. For example, the video of a penalty station is adapted from other materials.

Some netizens think that the video content has defaced the image of the teacher, and they also think that its really inappropriate, so they take the video off the shelf and may try to imitate it from another angle later. My original intention will not change, but if I imitate the teacher again, I will not exaggerate as before.

Upstream news: its said that you imitated volunteers after being interviewed on the Internet, so the netizens question it. What do you think?

Zhong Meimei: netizens said that they were interviewed. In fact, they didnt imitate other images as they said, and the objects they imitated included all walks of life. During the epidemic, there were many volunteers at the gate of the community. I respected them from my heart, so I adapted them, not because this event deliberately wanted to send positive energy.

The school attended by Zhong Meimei. Picture provided by interviewee

Beijing Film Academy in the future

For Zhong Meimei, imitation is just her hobby. She didnt think that she would be hot or realized through heat. As for the next step of planning, the 13-year-old boy didnt think that long-term, just wanted to complete his childhood wish - to enter Beijing Film Academy.

Upstream news: the performance has been recognized. Whats your next step?

Zhong Meimei: its a very common imitation. I hope you can take it as a pleasure and dont over interpret it.

Zhong Meimei: you may send videos in your spare time, but not every day. Most of the fans are also highly agglutinated, many of them wont take the pass, and they dont want me to be disturbed.

If you no longer receive attention, you may lose a little bit, but you will not be greatly affected.

Upstream news: a lot of people will run to do online red after the Internet is on fire. Do you have any idea?

Zhong Meimei: now there are also businesses that find me to advertise. I didnt accept it. Because I just do it out of interest, not to get angry, not to earn money.

Upstream news: do you have any plans for the future?

Source: responsible editor of upstream news: Chen Shaojie_ b6952