Parasite and camellia blossom won the grand prize

 Parasite and camellia blossom won the grand prize

After parasite won the award, the production company representative and Piao Su Dan and other leading actors took the place of fengjunhao, the film director who was not present. The production company representative delivered the award speech for fengjunhao, saying that the long journey of parasite started in Cannes Film Festival in May last year finally ended in Baixiang. The parasite is the work prepared by fengjunhao for seven years Director fengjunhao devoted a lot of effort to the film, and director fengjunhao also thanked all the actors and staff who made parasite with him. After camellia blossom won the award of the TV drama department, the drama group also came on stage to receive the award, expressed gratitude to the audience who supported the drama and said that in the future, they will work harder to produce better TV drama.

This years Baixiang art award ceremony was held without a live audience due to the epidemic. As an alternative, jtbc and other TV stations broadcast the whole award ceremony live. Lu Dongyin / copyright mydaily no reprint

Full list:

Television Department

Grand reward: when Camellia blossoms

Best actor: when the camellia blossoms

Best actress: Kim loves the world of husband and wife

Best supporting actor: Wu Zhengshis when Camellia blossoms

Best Supporting Actress: Jin Shanyings forced landing of love

Best new actor: an Xiaoxies romantic doctor master Jin 2

Best male variety Artist: Liu Zaishis what to do with leisure

Best female variety Artist: I live alone

Director Award: World of husband and wife by Mao wanri

Script Award: when Camellia blooms by Lin Shangchun

Film department

Great reward: fengjunhaos parasite

Best movie: parasites

Best director: kimberla hummingbird

Best actress: Quan Duyans birthday

Best supporting actor: my super brother by Li Guangsu

Best Supporting Actress: the hummingbird by tourmaline

Best new actor: parasites by park Mingxun

Best new actress: Jiang morjins canshi Duofu

Best new director award: Jin duyings 82 year old Jin Zhiying

Best script Award: escape to the limit


Womens Popularity Award: Sun Yizhens forced landing of love

Icon Award: Xu wisdom

Source: Chen Shaojie, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ b6952