Parasite and camellia blossom won the grand prize

 Parasite and camellia blossom won the grand prize

Netease Entertainment reported on June 5 that on the afternoon of June 5, the 56th South Korean Centennial art award ceremony was held in Gaoyang City, Gyeonggi do. Camellia blossom and parasite won awards from the TV Department and the film department respectively.

Full list:

Grand reward: when Camellia blossoms

Best TV series: Baseball Major League

Best actor: when the camellia blossoms

Best actress: Kim loves the world of husband and wife

Best new actor: an Xiaoxies romantic doctor master Jin 2

Best new actress: Jin Duomeis class in ritai

Best variety show: tomorrow is Mr.Trot

Best male variety Artist: Liu Zaishis what to do with leisure

Director Award: World of husband and wife by Mao wanri

Art Award: Escape 3 Zhang Yanyu (Art)

Film department

Great reward: fengjunhaos parasite

Best movie: parasites

Best actor: Ministers of Nanshan by Li Bingxian

Best actress: Quan Duyans birthday

Best supporting actor: my super brother by Li Guangsu

Best Supporting Actress: the hummingbird by tourmaline

Best new actor: parasites by park Mingxun

Best new actress: Jiang morjins canshi Duofu

Best new director award: Jin duyings 82 year old Jin Zhiying

Art Award: Ministers of Nanshan (makeup)


Womens Popularity Award: Sun Yizhens forced landing of love

Source: Chen Shaojie, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ b6952