Why do you refuse to pay zero income for us open charter massage

 Why do you refuse to pay zero income for us open charter massage

Recently, Stacy araste, CEO of the American network association, said that she still expects the US Open to be held as scheduled. The U.S. Open has even put forward special services such as charter flights to pick up players, unified physical therapy and masseuse for players. But even so, the desire of the worst affected country to hold a grand slam has not been recognized by the players.

Nadal said in an interview at his Spanish home on Thursday local time that he would not go out to fight when there is no guarantee of his health: the situation is not ideal. To be honest, if you ask me today whether I want to play in the US Open, my answer is no, I dont want to.

Like Nadal, a large number of players prefer to continue this years zero income days, indifferent to the olive branch thrown by the US Open.

American open is full of survival desire

In addition to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the four Grand Slam was held in early April 1st. The French Open was postponed and other tennis events were suspended. In April 1st, Wimbledon announced that the new crown pneumonia epidemic was cancelled. Shortly after the announcement of the cancellation of Wimbledon, the U.S. Open made an urgent voice, saying that the U.S. Open was in normal preparation and the plan remained unchanged.

After the outbreak of the new crown, the mens Professional Tennis Association (ATP), the womens Professional Tennis Association (WTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) issued a statement that the tour will be suspended until July 13. According to the calendar, if the tour can be resumed later, the tennis tournament will enter the North American hard season in August.

According to the New York Times, in order to save the biggest two races in North America, the US Open and Cincinnati Masters, the professional tennis association has planned to move the Cincinnati tournament to flushing Park, where the US Open is played, which is still scheduled to be held from August 17 to 23 before the US Open. In this way, all players in both competitions can go directly to New York without having to move across the United States. In addition, the US Open will also follow the original plan from August 31 to September 13.

Previously, in order to fight the new crown epidemic, the US tennis court was once transformed into a shelter hospital and an emergency food production and distribution place. There has been speculation that the US Open will be forced to change its venue. But Stacy araste said the US Open will be held at its original location and time. She promised that in addition to early virus testing, centralized isolation observation and daily temperature testing for players and staff, she would also significantly reduce the number of game officials in the field, and the locker room would only be open on game day.

The U.S. Open is also considering charter flights to bring players from all over the world to New York. She said Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires and Dubai are expected to be transit points for players to New York. The organizers also plan to limit the number of players to accompany them, and provide physiotherapists and masseurs for players. In terms of refereeing, we will reduce the number of line judges by relying on Hawkeye judgment, and plan to use adults as on-site caddies.

Why players dont buy

For professional players, 2020 is a disastrous year. Many players live on bonuses. Without games, they have no income and can only sit on the sidelines.

The event is temporarily suspended until July 13, which means that tennis players will miss the red soil and grass season in the normal competition calendar. The annual bonus income is almost halved. In the second half of the year, they can only rely on their savings to maintain the huge expenses of international travel competition, which is obviously the most difficult time in their career.

Among them, in addition to the high ranking star athletes with a lot of savings can continue to maintain a high quality of life, the athletes who suffer the most are those at the bottom of the professional level. For example, the 31 year old Georgian tennis player shapatava, currently ranked 371 in the world, mainly participated in the second level of the international network Federation. Since the beginning of this year, she has won only $3000 in prize money. Many are worse off than her, such as 27 year old Russian player Kolesnikova, who made just $68 this year.

But even if most players are so eager to play, the US Open is trying its best to invite players to the game, but the response is not enthusiastic.

Among them, the main concern is the epidemic situation. The United States is the epicenter of the epidemic, and New York has a large number of infected people. It is too early to make a conclusion whether it can be safe by the end of August. No athlete will take the risk of a long journey in order to play a game.

I believe that they will make the right decision at the right time to ensure that the game is carried out in absolute safety, if not, then I dont think its meaningful to hold the game. We need to take responsibility for that, send clear signals to the world, and we need to be an example. Nadal said that because of the epidemic in 2020, he will not be able to hold the tour, and now he is still worried, I cant predict the future, when I say that the whole season will not see the tennis game, it is because the situation is very terrible, every day many people suffer, every day many people lose their lives.

During the outbreak, Nadal broadcast dark food live at home

In addition, playing tennis on an empty court is the first time of a career for many players. New York City, where the US Open is located, is not ready to welcome fans back to the audience. New York State Governor Timothy Como said previously that he agreed with the resumption of professional sports events, but only if there was no audience. Shere, an official in charge of revenue at the American network association, said it was unlikely that fans would be allowed to watch the game on site this year. Because there is only one opponent on the opposite side of the tennis match, the other atmosphere is all supported by the audience. Such a grand slam similar to personal training is really difficult for players to accept.

Many players have said that if the game is held on an empty court, it will damage the image of tennis. Switzerlands top player Federer said he was opposed to empty matches. Although its OK for me to play without the attention of the fans, I hope the tour will return to normal. In my opinion, it needs to wait for the right time to return to the normal sports mode again. At least one third of the stadium or half of the spectators are full. For me, it will be very difficult to see the spectators in large-scale events. In addition, Cilic also said that if it is an empty match, it will certainly affect the quality of the US Open champions.

However, there are also players who have expressed their support, most of them are women athletes, because many of them have experienced cold field. At present, priskova, the Czech Republic, who ranks third in the world, believes that even if the US Open is to play without audience, it is much better than canceling the event directly. No matter what the situation is, its better to have a game than nothing. Everyone has different opinions, but everyone always wants to fight for the fans. If you have the chance to play a night game or other prime time, there may be many fans on the scene, so the atmosphere will be good, but we are also used to playing without fans!

In the prime time of the four Grand Slams, mens singles and doubles are arranged in the non prime time, which undoubtedly has a great impact on the number of fans on the spot. But as the king of tennis mens singles, Federer is the box office of the game, so Federer has hardly experienced the situation of playing in non prime time.