When the recovery of aviation industry is going on: the increase of flight volume and the recovery of passenger rate

 When the recovery of aviation industry is going on: the increase of flight volume and the recovery of passenger rate

According to the relevant person in charge of the transportation department of CAAC, the adjustment mainly involves 95 foreign airlines that suspended their flights in China in the early stage. After adjustment, the actual number of international passenger flights per week shall not exceed 64. According to the calculation of 75% of the actual weekly implementation rate since March 26, the actual weekly flight volume is about 150, with an actual increase of 50.

From the perspective of domestic passenger flights, the reporter of Securities Daily learned during the interview that the number of flights in May increased compared with the previous two months.

Li Li (pseudonym), the conductor of a large domestic airline, recently flew a round-trip flight from Beijing to Baotou. Compared with only one mission per month in the previous two months, her number of flights increased to three in May.

At the same time, there are more people participating in the relevant meetings before each flight: in the past, there were three or four purses in one department, and now there are more than ten. There are more people attending the meeting, indicating that the number of flights is increasing. Li Li told Securities Daily.

However, the reporter interview found that different regions, different time periods, different routes of the flight passenger rate difference is not small.

On June 1, Chen Li, director of Chuancai Securities Research Institute, returned to Beijing from Chengdu. This is his third flight trip after the Spring Festival. Chen Li told Securities Daily that the passenger rate of his flight was about 60%, and he could clearly feel that the number of passengers taking the flight was more than the first two times.

When Mr. Zhou, who often travels on business, took a flight from Zhengzhou to Chengdu on May 25, his flight occupancy rate was very high. Almost full. Mr. Zhou told the Securities Daily that from the situation of the whole airport, there are many people, and it seems that they are basically back to normal. We have to line up for security check in the airport..

Although the aviation industry is slowly recovering, the impact of the epidemic on the industry as a whole cannot be underestimated. China Eastern previously said that the impact and impact of the epidemic on the companys international and domestic businesses are uncertain in terms of duration and severity, and the specific impact still needs to be evaluated in combination with the subsequent actual situation. Jixiang aviation said that the epidemic had a great impact on the companys transportation industry, and there was a great uncertainty about the duration and severity of the epidemic. The company will continue to pay attention to the development trend of the epidemic and constantly adjust the delivery arrangement of transportation capacity.

One of the actions of the adjustment is to carry out the business of passenger to cargo in order to solve the serious shortage of air cargo transportation capacity caused by the epidemic.

Jin Jun, a second-class inspector of the transportation department of CAAC, previously said in a press conference that this was an unconventional emergency measure during the epidemic prevention and control period and a market self rescue behavior under special circumstances.

It is worth noting that, recently, the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration issued a notice that they will grant subsidies for the expenses incurred in the implementation of the cabin loading and refitting project during the epidemic prevention and control period of the airline. According to the subsidy standard, 80% of the retrofitting cost will be subsidized. According to the aircraft type, the subsidy will be divided into two categories: the maximum subsidy for each single channel aircraft is 800000 yuan, and the maximum subsidy for each dual channel aircraft is 1450000 yuan. Reward shall be given to the passenger free international cargo flights during the epidemic prevention and control period, and the reward standard shall be divided into eight grades according to the flight mileage and the maximum take-off weight.

As early as March, the CAAC announced 16 measures to rescue the development of civil aviation enterprises and promote the resumption of production in a precise and orderly manner.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425