The local stall economy is on fire: 100000 new jobs are added, but the booth fee has skyrocketed 100 times

 The local stall economy is on fire: 100000 new jobs are added, but the booth fee has skyrocketed 100 times

We all know that in the past, in order to meet the needs of civilized city construction, many places were one size fits all, which often led to violent conflicts between the ordinary people who set up stall and the urban management, and some rough law enforcement of the urban management often became a term of hot discussion on the Internet.

So the reason why the stall economy will now attract everyones attention is also related to the people-friendly behavior in many places. We see that the comprehensive and systematic measures are taken in Chengdu. Since March this year, Chengdu has released the permission to open temporary booths near the residential areas. If conditions permit, the booths can be set up in night markets and market scenes.

By May 28, 2230 temporary booths and stalls were set up in Chengdu, 17147 were allowed to cross the gate temporarily, 20130 were allowed to flow vendors, more than 100000 jobs were added, and the return rate of restaurants in the central city was more than 98%.

In terms of the visible effect, the local stall economy can play a positive role in stabilizing employment, ensuring peoples livelihood and promoting consumption under the background of the impact of the epidemic on the economy. On the one hand, it has restored the citys smoky atmosphere, on the other hand, it has stimulated the current depressed consumption, which is a good thing to achieve both at one stroke and at the same time, it can solve the problem of insufficient return to work rate at present.

Help local economy

At this years press conference, Premier Li Keqiang also made a systematic exposition on the local economy. During the local inspection, I also went to the stall to make an inspection.

It should be said that at present, the local stall economy in the policy level is green eyed. This is not only a people-oriented move, but also a people-oriented approach.

In addition to the deregulation on the policy level, some giants of e-commerce are also helping to spread the economy. For example, Alibabas plan of local stall economy will provide more than 70 billion yuan of interest free credit purchase and provide all-round purchase and operation support for local stall owners.

Stall fee speculation

However, we need to divide everything into two parts. After the hot market economy, we need to introduce supporting facilities for environmental sanitation, road occupation management, city appearance and other issues. Otherwise, we may rush into the crowd and disperse the disturbing phenomenon.

Everything hype should be moderate, once excessive, the development of things may go to the opposite side. For example, we recently saw that the booth fee of Jiankang Road, the largest night market in Zhengzhou City, has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Because its booth fee was 20 yuan / month at the beginning, and then increased to 800 yuan. Now it has been fired to 2000-3000 yuan. In other words, the booth fee has increased more than 100 times!

Then it is clear that someone is committing a crime against the wind, taking the opportunity to arbitrage and get rich.

In short, the speculation of stall fee is the same as the speculation of houses and shops. Some people transfer their booths at a high price to earn the difference after they take the booths first, which to some extent leads to the arbitrage phenomenon of the powerful class, which in fact disturbs the market order and violates the original intention of the management to support the stall economy.

In the final analysis, in such an era of Internet e-commerce, the local stall economy is a supplement to offline commercial retail. We should treat the development of this thing relatively rationally, support and understand it more, but we must not blindly hype.