When depressed, people like to watch the sunset | write excellent contributions in 100 days

 When depressed, people like to watch the sunset | write excellent contributions in 100 days

If I could write a Book

Writing 9 Ying Wang Yi

If I have a chance to write a book, I want to write someone else first.

I like to watch people. I can watch for hours. Restaurants, roadsides and others, dazed on the overpass, banks queuing up, commuters in the subway, as long as someone looks at it, they dont feel boring.

I like to guess stories. I want to know where they are from and where they are going. Did he kiss his wife and children when he went out to work? Why does she keep pouting? Did he go through a painful breakup? She just had a moment when she felt that she had taken back the initiative in her life. Is it a gift for his mother or a test sheet? Why is he standing here? Why does she sit on the window and cry and dont want to wipe her tears? He may still be wondering whether he should break up with the friend who still owes money

Looking down from the window on the 16th floor of my house, they are all indistinct, sometimes they are not easy to recognize even men and women. Like me, they are too far away from the word big man. They walk around every day, doing all kinds of activities, but the world doesnt reverberate. But I cant help but think that each of them must play a leading role in their own parallel universe. The absolute and only leading role is the core of the story and the source of all plots, irreplaceable.

I want to write these others.. I want to start with people I know. Write about my father, my mother, friends, enemies, and those who always have something to say when you know his story.

If I could, I would also like to write a story about me and them. Instead of being serious, I would like to write a dialogue, a dream, or an afternoon.


Writing 3 camp chestnut lady

When the first time saw the intact, not stripped jackfruit, the first reaction was, what is this? Its huge and fat. The hard shell with thorns has the same virtue as durian. There is not much personality in the green and yellow skin. Its probably hanging on the tree, so its convenient to hide from flying birds.

Seeing only the appearance, the beautiful girl in the heart has become a big Han, which is not to blame. Dongshi and Xishi exchange names, which does not hinder Dongshi from continuing to be a beauty. Names are peoples wishful thinking. Most of the good expectations that parents hold when they name them have not been realized, so it is not advisable to name them for appearance.

It is not elegant to peel jackfruit, so you have to cut it with a big knife. A small fruit knife cant do anything with its thick and hard spikes. In addition, there is a sticky hand in the skin of jackfruit. It sticks to the sticky hands and is not suitable to wash away. Even if it is washed for two or three minutes, it will of no avail. Its said that the effect of vinegar washing is better, but I havent tried it yet. I dont know how it works. The best way is to prepare gloves in advance. Cut a crack in one stroke, and then ask someone with enough wrist to break it again. After all, it cant be cut to the end like a watermelon. Its not brittle and cant burst by itself.

Pick up a beautiful one, one at a time, before you enter your mouth, you can smell the sweet smell. Its the sweet smell unique to tropical fruits, not the fragrance. Its strong, but not pungent. If its in cold weather, it should be very soothing. It slides into the mouth like a boiled egg, but it is softer and sweeter than boiled egg. Bite down, hey, as expected, the pretty girl has a temper. There is a hard nut in it, and its not small! The core should be wrapped in the girls heart all the time, so the core is also slippery, spit out, hold it in your hand like loach, dont throw it. After eating the pulp, gather the core, boil it with water, and its as delicate and continuous as the cooked kidney bean. After eating the sweet, waxy and glutinous flesh, and then eating a few such stones without any other peculiar smell, the clear taste can not be better. This is probably a joke made by a pretty girl to us. I think its a prank, but its a sweet and beautiful gift prepared by the girl after careful consideration.

I cant eat a few jackfruit at a time, but I can eat a large plate of fruit core. Sweet pulp cant be eaten, only tasteless core can be eaten. In order to balance the regret that the delicious food cant be enjoyed, I call this core a girls worry. After eating a plate, I feel that all the viscera are fragrant and full of colorful dreamlike girls mind.


Writing 18 Ying Dili

No!!! I woke up in my sleep and realized that I had a nightmare. After a few gasps, I calmed myself down. I turned on the light switch at the head of the bed, but accidentally touched a face. I immediately put my hand back, but my heart is like a drum, where am I!.

At the moment, I have not begun to doubt that I am not me. After I confirmed that the man in bed was sleeping heavily, my eyes adapted to the darkness in the room. Gradually I could see the outline of the room. I tiptoed down the bed and out of the room. I groped to the living room. In the dark, I could see the furnishings of my home. This seems to be an ordinary family. Then I saw the wedding photos on the wall of the living room. I couldnt see peoples faces clearly. But I have a strange feeling. I fumbled to the bathroom, fumbled to turn on the bathroom light, and in front of the bathroom mirror, I saw my face. A face I dont know at all. It looks about 25 years old. It has white skin and big eyes. It looks a bit like the star my classmates like. I forgot the name. Its pretty.

Why can I think of the final exam at this point? Its because everything is quiet. Its not true. Yes, its not true. I should just be in a dream. But I looked around the bathroom. All kinds of toiletries and skincare products are available, as well as my mothers hot girl I would like to use!! So can I use it in my dream?

It turns out that in their world, crossing is a very common thing. It seems that 40 years ago I crossed over, a 5-year-old girl named Lin Yaxian said that she was a 60-year-old woman and was already a grandmother. Then began to question the way Lins grandmother treated her. At that time, the news reported this event as a hot issue. The melon eaters thought that after eating melons for a while, the news stopped. After all, one or two of these strange people come here occasionally. Soon, however, a similar phenomenon took place all over the world. XXX suddenly claimed that he was not XXX, even the supreme head of state. Two years later, the world had to reach such an understanding. Now the world is a crossed world. Because at that time, people who claimed to cross accounted for 10% of the worlds population. After a wave of large-scale outbreaks, this figure has been maintained at about 25%.

Of course, there are still people who claim to cross in order to get rid of the current life. Wang Hao said.

Then youre not completely out of order? I said.

No, Wang Hao winked at me, this is the magic of our human beings. A year later, a global consensus anti crossing regulation was launched, and the crossing person must recognize the current identity and fulfill the rights and obligations of that identity.

I wiped my sweat. Youre blindfolded, arent you? In order for me to continue to be your wife.

Wang Hao suddenly smiled, do you think you have any other choice? Zhang Jie.

I said, No. But Im just a girl in senior two. I was going to take the final exam next month. Whats more, besides, I have my favorite boy!

They wont give me electroshock, cut off my brain stem, let me admit that Im Zhang Jie. I said.

I guess its too cruel and bloody for our world. And since the outbreak across a large area, we seem to have understood a truth that has not been declared to the public. Wang Hao said.

The world may be a fake. Why should it be so real? Today I am your husband, tomorrow I may be another persons grandmother. Death is often a relief. If you are lucky enough to come to this crossed world, you should be relatively sober and do not need to invest. After all, life is like a play. We are all acting. Wang Hao said.

Then you dont want to know where the original Zhang Jie went? I asked him.

I will bless her. Wang Hao looked into my eyes and said.

Asked by me, Wang Hao suddenly smiled, you need to know that the current crossing data is 25%. Although one of the four people will cross, its a bit difficult for one person to be spread twice. Although there are a lot of people in our unit who have traveled through, and there are also people I have contacted from small to large, you are the first one among my close relatives and friends.


One month later, I finished the closed training and Wang Hao came to pick me up.

He cant do without me. I cant go anywhere. Before receiving Zhang Jiexins ID, Wang Hao was my guardian. The maintenance of the crossed world depends on the network of people. Because it is uncertain which day this person will be crossed, it needs three people to confirm the identity of a person. That is to say, it was me, Wang Hao and Zhang Jies parents who went to cross the peoples bureau that day. Zhang Jies father hears that Zhang Jie has been crossed. He is very sad. Because of my appearance, the past between him and his daughter can only be the past. Zhang Jies mother was also very sad, but she accepted the fact relatively positively. I looked at two strange old people and didnt know what to say. So I can understand that only Wang Hao came to pick me up.

The day after tomorrow, your new ID card will come down. These two days, you stay at home first. I need documents when I go out. Wang Hao said.

I nodded, in the closed month, I have understood all this information.

Wang Hao didnt divorce me. I think although Wang Haos mouth is natural and unrestrained, in fact, he loves Zhang Jie deeply. I didnt divorce Wang Hao either. Because I only have him and Zhang Jies parents to choose. If I leave him, I will go to live with Zhang Jies parents, and so far I have no life skills.

This year, I got along with Wang Hao happily. Zhang Jie used to be a dentist. But after the unit knew my situation, arranged the front desk work for me. Its easy to receive guests and arrange an outpatient service. During the holiday, Wang Hao will take me out to play, so that I can understand the world. I think its all very interesting. Sometimes, I almost forget my original world.

Wang Hao, do you think the people who cross will return to the original world? One night, I asked Wang Hao.

I dont know. Do you want to go back? He asked me.

And the boy you like, dont you? Wang Hao looked at me with a smile.

I kind of forget what he looks like. He looks like you. I smiled at Wang Hao.

Wang Hao kissed me.

It was our first kiss.



Zhu Pingping from writing camp 14

You know, when you are sad, people like to watch the sunset.

u2014u2014Little prince

a. From the flower of love

Many years ago, when I was watching the movie in love, I was amazed at Zhang Manyus dozens of sets of colorful cheongsam, and even more regretted their emotional fate. If there was an extra ticket, would you come with me? They stop in front of love. Its a pity. Its also a pity beauty.

Finally, Liang told the secret of his heart to the tree hole. And this secret is never told to others. The classic shot was taken in Angkor Wat. What is the subtlety of love, what is the heartbreak of giving up. Its a deep feeling of lovesickness that most of us have experienced in person.

b. Wait for the sun to set

Read the beauty of Angkor by Jiang Xun. I went to Angkor Wat. As the author once said, its a great pleasure to have a book to read, to reflect on and to think about on the journey. When I opened the beauty of Angkor on the plane to Siem Reap and listened to Mr. Jiang, the scene of Angkor seemed to be in front of me. It seemed that Zhou Muyun, who was heartbroken, whispered in my ear.

In addition to Angkor Wats reputation as the four wonders of the East, the most beautiful sunset in the world, the Bakun mountain sunset, attracts tourists from all over the world. At sunset, I put on a goose yellow ankle length dress, picked up the steps and climbed to Bakun temple. Bakun temple is located between big Angkor and little Angkor, and it is the only commanding point nearby. At a glance of the small mountains, here you can almost overlook the whole Angkor Grottoes ruins. The sunset of barken mountain makes the time amazing. Its like a big screen movie. Watching the sun gradually disappear in the horizon, the light is dim, and the eyes are only the sky. At a glance, we can see the vicissitudes of life. Immersed in the sunset every second, are endless moving.

c. Lonely smoke in the desert, sunset in the long river

Two years ago, I took part in a hike in Kubuqi Desert, Inner Mongolia. When I returned to the camp on my first day, the setting sun just arrived. I sat on the sand dunes like a crescent moon, looking at the distant and seemingly accessible sunset ahead. The soft sand, like the sofa in the living room at home, wrapped my exhausted body. 68 km in 2 days. Before I set out, it was a number I couldnt covet. At the moment, it is just under my feet. I hold the yellow sand with my hands. The sand is flying in the wind, like some kind of ceremony.

The setting sun, surrounded by clouds, has dyed the sky red. When the red sun gradually sinks in the west at the edge of the desert, I almost feel a sacred baptism.

. The company of the longest love

When my father was young, he moved to several cities and later settled in Hainan with my mother. They live in a house near the sea. Close to the balcony, you can smell the fishy smell of the sea wind, but its a yearning and broad taste.

When I was very young, they were tired of life and neglected to accompany me. At that time, in my hometown thousands of miles away, the sea symbolized my parents and the coconut forest meant company. Even now, when I have lived in Hainan for a long time, occasionally when I drive by rows of coconut trees, the coconut trees are swaying in the wind, I will have an illusion, Oh, I came to the city where my parents are. It was the first scene when I got off a plane or a boat in Hainan when I was young. It built my first idea of company.

They greet the sunrise of the morning at the seaside and walk home along the beach in the afterglow of the sunset.

One day, my father sent me a set of photos. My nephew, who is about three years old, is lying on the knitting swing in a light blue cotton and linen shirt with a sand shoveling toy at his feet. The other is a silhouette. In the setting sun by the sea, my mother holds my nephews hand, and the golden rays shine on the rolled up waves.

You can certainly imagine this quiet beauty.

Just like me at that time, with a sour nose, I quietly leaned on my head to look at the sky. The years I missed were quiet and well, stretching slowly in another childhood. And all this, so beautiful!

The little prince lives on the asteroid. He only needs to move his chair a few steps to watch the sunset once.

One day, I watched the sunset forty-four times. After a while, you said, you know, when you are sad, people like to watch the sunset.

On the day you saw the sunset forty-four times, are you so sad?

The little prince did not answer.

Just to see this sentence, I was inexplicably hit.

I read Little Prince over and over again, full of love and loneliness.

Ill say, OK, four in the afternoon, you wait for me.


Writing 3 business Lu o

So I was lazy for a few days.

Let your heart be polished in time. Though you have anxiety, you will be quiet and clear again.

These days, in the process of thinking, we have a new understanding of passion:

u2014u2014Enthusiasm is a kind of state, which makes people have good mood and full energy. Enthusiasm is an indispensable part of a person. Without enthusiasm, life may become empty, superficial and meaningless.

Enthusiasm makes people energetic. It has a strong pull to run forward with the body and brain.

Why is most enthusiasm unstable? Why is there a three minute heat?

Its because we dont realize that we always put our enthusiasm on the results

When enthusiasm fails to reach the ideal state, it will struggle to find the ideal state. When you work hard to do something, you may use your strength in the wrong place, and the result may be unsatisfactory.

True passion has no motive, it doesnt fuel conflict and conflict, its not a motive, so its not a result, said kirsch

Once there is a reason for passion, it will turn into desire, and desire will produce persistence, which must be the beginning of pain.

Sensitive to the flowers and plants on the road, an ant on the ground, stars in the night sky, and even any scenery with visible beauty.

A passionate heart is the courage to explore, to pursue, to observe, to question, to ask, he said. It doesnt fall asleep because it finds something satisfying.

For myself, the real passion will not give up a passionate heart because I cant meet the state of satisfaction. I will work hard in my lack of self-awareness, sow in my life, and enjoy the joy of sowing!

Happiness is the preservative of enthusiasm. Happiness is natural and simple.

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