Have you ever experienced the feeling of being trusted?

 Have you ever experienced the feeling of being trusted?

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Dawei then understood that Xiaolis shopping cart was not what she wanted, but a gift for herself.


Wrong number

This day I called Xiao Zhang, a colleague, but accidentally called Xiao Zheng, who was at home because his mother was seriously ill. We are just nodding friends. We only talked about work before. To avoid embarrassment, I would go wrong and say, how is your mother? If you have any difficulty, please let me know at any time!

Small Zheng Lianlian thanks, I secretly rejoice in their wit. I thought it was going on like this. I didnt expect that when he came back, he brought me a lot of local specialties, which made me very embarrassed. Xiao Zhang teased me: why didnt you see that you have a good relationship with Xiao Zheng? During this period of time, I always heard him mention you, saying that you were the first one to call and care for him in those days when he went home...

(Liu Yukai)

At the end of December, every family in the village was busy killing pigs, but Lao Zhang, who had just got out of poverty, always ran to Jiang Hua, the village director, and asked why director yuan, who was in the district to help his family, had not come.

Jiang Huaxin said that Lao Zhang was lazy and fond of taking advantage. Thanks to director yuans hard work, he successfully got out of poverty. Unexpectedly, he was hard to change. He didnt kill his own pigs, but missed director yuans Spring Festival condolence! He didnt have a good temper to say director yuan is not available, so he dismissed Lao Zhang.

Soon after Lao Zhang left, director yuan hurried over and invited Jiang Hua to see Lao Zhang. Seeing director yuan, Lao Zhang said excitedly, I swore that I would invite you to eat the first decent pig killing dish in my family! If you dont come this year, my family wont kill pigs or eat meat!

(Li Su)

iron box

That day, I saw the old man was counting the change, and the owner of the small shop next to him came over, grabbed the iron box, left the sentence you wait and went back to the shop. I wanted to go up to the theory angrily, but was stopped by the old man. Soon, the boss came out of the shop, put the box into the old mans arms and left - the change in the box became bread, milk and a hundred yuan note. The old man kept saying thanks with tears in his eyes. He was stunned when he saw me. He said, I asked him to change some food for me just now. He just...

My eyes are also hot, because the money in the iron box doesnt exceed 30 yuan at a glance.

Heart saving pill

Xiao Lan and Liu Ming are lovers. Once, Xiao Lan accidentally found Liu Ming with quick acting heart pill. Thinking that Liu Mings father died of heart disease, she was frightened and scared. She asked Liu Ming to go to the hospital to have a look.

Seeing Liu Ming is always wrong, Xiao Lan simply pointed out: heart problem is a big deal. You need to take heart saving pill when you are young. Its too late to pay no attention!

Liu Ming explained: you misunderstood that my father went out alone and forgot to bring medicine before he died of a heart attack. Since then, my family will take heart saving pills with them. In case of the same situation, one can be saved.

(Shu Shiming)

That money cant be spent

When I arrived with a couple of grandchildren, the number on the meter jumped to 20. The little boy in the back handed a note: uncle, its just right...

The old man sitting in the copilot slapped the boy in the hand: that money cant be spent. With that, he carefully turned over his pocket, which he hadnt collected for a long time. I heartily said that the old man had nothing to do, and the time I had been delayed was enough for me to do another business, so I didnt hurry up.

The old man managed to raise 20 yuan and got off the car with a smile. At this time, the boy suddenly handed me the note in his hand and said in a low voice, Im sorry, Grandpa. He and he think the money is fake, so I wont spend it...

I have a look. Its a new version of 20 yuan.

(Zhang Lianchun)