Want to get back at my ex girlfriend, should I?

 Want to get back at my ex girlfriend, should I?

The parents of both sides met and engaged each other in the Spring Festival. I also know that we quarreled several times later, but we didnt break the line. The frequency of meeting once or twice a month is KF.

Maybe what Im greedy for is my body. During this time, I got along with another girl. She forced me to break up. I did what she said.

General, I have three questions.

Im also worried that if they are twisted yellow, then its hard for her to find another suitable one. Her previous blind date is yellow because of this disease;

I hope the general can help me out.

General a:

Seeing question one, Im a little confused. To be honest, I dont quite understand where you want to retaliate?

She does hide something from you, or she can walk on two legs, but you know this situation. Although you are not happy, you accept it silently. Its your own choice;

You and she have no future, no matter if you have f, you two may not be together, because your family does not agree with you, it is not the girls fault;

You stay together for 2 years, as you said, you get her body;

Finally, during this period, you also have contacts with others, which does not delay your love.

Objectively speaking, there is no reasonable reason for retaliation.

Your motive for revenge is nothing more than to express your dissatisfaction. You feel that she betrayed you, and you didnt get her in the end. You are unwilling and angry with yourself, which makes you want to vent.

You broke her marriage for a while, but you also mentioned that you will feel guilty, and the guilt will always haunt you, and this kind of revenge will not have a really cool effect.

But some people will be good at using their own shame, anger and unwillingness, to cultivate themselves, to choose partners seriously, to manage themselves well, to find more worthy people, to get a happier life,

This kind of revenge is really cool, because you have actually achieved change and evolution.

The second problem is that she doesnt delete you or contact you. There is more than one kind of mentality behind this, even if there is only one, there is no need to understand.

It doesnt matter what she thinks. What matters is what you think.

Excessive suspicion and consideration of other peoples thoughts are often due to the fact that they do not want to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions.

On the third question, what should we do?

Theres nothing to do with her, nothing to do, thats what you have to do.

You should eat, sleep, work and fall in love with yourself. Thats all.

I wish you wake up soon.