Pisces is the most unfaithful sign?

 Pisces is the most unfaithful sign?

I also have two friends who have talked about Pisces partners, all of whom broke up because they were cheating outside.

After knowing this, I dont believe its a coincidence. I also have a shadow over Pisces. I think my former leader is also Pisces. She is also the kind of person who flirts with her male colleagues.

Alas, I feel that Pisces is the most unfaithful sign. Whats more, how can I always meet Pisces?

Last week, I chatted with my girlfriend about my male colleague. She asked me to try and think I wanted too much.

Im confused. I dont know if my psychological shadow will affect my love. I always mind, but reason tells me that this boy is good and I dont want to miss it.

Can the general give me some advice? Thank you!

General a:

But I dont mean to be a real name or white wash for Pisces, because there is no need to be a real name and white wash, and no sign has original sin.

Whether its cheating or flirting, its the individual behavior of a certain person. When it comes to a certain group of people, its actually a prejudice.

If you cant let go of prejudice or psychological shadow for the time being, my advice is not to talk about this love and do harm to others and yourself.

Back to the constellation, to judge a person by constellation, or to judge a person by region, is a very one-sided dimension.

The most extreme example is the sexism that we suffer from. Just because of gender, women are considered to be bad at everything. Its the same in nature as Pisces.

Whats more, the sample size of the examples you give is too limited, and the representativeness is not enough. Take chance as a necessity, and it will inevitably miss something because of prejudice.

Its more persuasive to understand his other characteristics than to cheat with constellation theory. Cheating is not because of constellation, but because of the persons low loyalty and self-control.

If you are superstitious about the signs, its not just about Pisces. Maybe no sign is suitable for love and marriage.

As far as I know, in constellation analysis, each constellation has some disadvantages, some are playful, some are stingy, and some are emotional and controlling (not representing my personal point of view, just listing constellation analysis).

You cant avoid Pisces or the scum of other constellations!

There are 12 kinds of constellations, but there are far more than 12 kinds of people, with different shapes and wonderful appearances. Its harmless to regard the constellations as one of the ways to understand people. But if you can conclude with the constellations, first ask yourself if you can accept them?

Turn around. If the other person doesnt want to fall in love with you because you are a Libra, isnt it funny?