When a man gives you up completely, he often treats you like this

 When a man gives you up completely, he often treats you like this

Two days ago, a female friend left a message:

At this time, she only knew that in this disease free relationship, only she could not forget, even if she was still in the other partys friends list, it had already become nothing.

In love, how many girls are like this female friend. After separation, they still look forward to each other, thinking that each other keeps their own contact information, which represents that the other side still reads about themselves.

But the fact is exactly the opposite, men do not take the initiative to contact you, but do not pull black, often has completely put you down.

Because I put you down, I dont want to blackmail you. If you are in my friend list, he wont want to open it any more.

At the beginning of the heart is not, the only remaining cold;

When the feelings are gone, all that remains is peace.

Once you were his most intimate lover, but when he really put you down, you become an unimportant passer-by, and he will eventually put into a new life.

02. Dont care, dont pay attention

The man who loves you will always feel very happy and excited when he receives your news. He will reply to you at the first time for fear that you will be in a hurry.

However, once the enthusiasm for you declines, the attitude will obviously become perfunctory, unresponsive, unreasonable, and become a commonplace.

In the TV series the battle of youth, Yu fan, jinxiaonis ex boyfriend, tried his best to pursue jinxiaoni. Soon after we were together, he was tired of this feeling.

So, often in the name of overtime refused to meet with jinxiaoni, have time to eat with other women, drink coffee, but no time to reply to jinxiaonis message.

Adults say goodbye quietly:

Every time is busy, the implication is not want to take care of you, silently alienate you;

No longer active to you, in fact, is a kind of put down, do not want to interact with you.

03. Not caring

There is such a question on Zhihu: which moment makes you feel that the feelings of two people really come to an end?

One netizen replied:

When I was with him, I couldnt find any warm existence or a trace of happiness. I knew that there was no possibility between us when I couldnt find the person who cared for me.

There is a saying that the beholder sees clearly.

However, in the feelings, often in which people, can more deeply experience, that kind of feeling from being loved to being ignored.

The man who used to think about everything for you, always take you as the first, as long as you have needs, he is bound to.

Later, instead of being tender and considerate in the past, I became extremely cold and indifferent to all of you.

Because there is no love for you, so those indulgence and tolerance, have become the past style;

In the face of mens indifference and alienation, the best way to deal with it is to stop pestering and disturbing and let go in time.

Since the other side has no longer put you in mind, why continue to grudge.

Life is not easy, to warm you and love you with the people together.