Grandpas relationship with my children makes me uncomfortable. What should I do as a mother?

 Grandpas relationship with my children makes me uncomfortable. What should I do as a mother?

In the eyes of the little grandson, no matter how his grandfather changes, or the amiable grandfather worthy of his trust, there is nothing in the world that can be cut off. Grandpa always loves and cares for the baby.

I understand that the relationship between the father and the grandson is also an emotion, but I dont know why I feel suffocated. Maybe its because I dont want to live with the old people all the time?

General a:

It seems irrelevant to say a digression. My grandfathers language is simple and beautiful, with words and pictures. I like it very much because it outlines the feelings between my grandparents and grandchildren with ordinary little things.

In your opinion, it may be a bit of meat and excess, but from the perspective of me as an outsider, I feel that this is exactly what Chinese families need to express their love.

Sometimes the way of expressing love is even twisted, and the way of criticizing, punishing and demanding is used to express care. Such a positive and delicate expression as grandpa is rare indeed.

Imagine how moved it will be to see this passage when your baby grows up and can read and understand the text.

We all know that grandparents, fathers and mothers love us, but we regret that there are not too many moments for that kind of love to become a kind of figurative text. Many years later, we can still inherit the warmth and let us have clues to remember.

We read so many literary works, read so many books, will be moved by family affection, Grandpas way is probably like this.

Maybe you are not used to it because you use words and have a sense of writing, which is not the oral language we are used to.

But there is another reason. You also use the word fight in your questions.

This is a kind of subconscious anxiety that novice mothers will have, worrying that someone will compete with her for love and power.

The feeling of close connection between the baby and the baby in October of pregnancy must not be felt by any family. Therefore, it will make the mother feel that the baby belongs to me only, and only I can be close to him.

But after giving birth, when the baby leaves the mother, the mother will naturally feel a sense of loss and deprivation.

I have a classmate who is very nervous and anxious after the birth of her baby. She doesnt want anyone other than her to hold her baby. She says that she is afraid of bumping and touching. In fact, she is nervous that her relationship with her baby will be separated and alienated due to the presence of others.

What you need to solve is your attitude towards children, not Grandpa.

In fact, there is no competition for love, because it is not a fixed amount of an object, love is mobile and shareable, and because it can be shared, it can become mobile and fuller.

The love between a child and his grandfather, his father and others, is what he needs, and what you need. Only when so many people love your child at the same time, can you have time to pay attention to yourself and love yourself.

And there is love flowing between children and other people, and there is positive emotional expression, which will make them know how to love better. This learned ability of love will also be reflected in you. He will love his mother and himself more.

Relax, you and your baby need more relaxed love.