Those girls who dare to divorce are never afraid to marry the wrong person.

 Those girls who dare to divorce are never afraid to marry the wrong person.

Thinking of this, I feel pity for Mabel.

Now, most of the children, like me, have no conscience. They are full of poems and distant places. Which one is willing to live with the old man, let alone in the future?

Women who cant afford to get married are trapped in a marriage that cant go on, which is probably the case.

So I often encounter this situation:

A friend came to ask for help: I want to divorce, my husband does not agree, what should I do?

I said: divorce does not need the consent of the husband, you can directly go to the court to sue him, not once, and then six months later to sue the second time, it will always be awarded.

Then the other side was silent.

In this way, she can give herself sufficient reasons to continue to live in a broken marriage.

After all, its too painful to be divorced every day.


Her sister married three times and gave birth to two children. The gap between divorce and marriage was less than three months.

She said, thats not the case..

When her sister and her first husband were together, they were very headstrong and special. Later, the man couldnt stand it. They decided to divorce before they had children.

I thought that with children, life should be stable. But who ever thought that she was so unlucky this time that she met a drunken and domestic man who was beaten to hospital several times.

Even so, she endured for more than a year, until her husband began to work with her children, she finally gave up and chose to divorce.

A lot of people see her get married quickly after divorce, they all think that she is empathy and dont love each other, and they have been looking for a horse and a donkey in marriage for a long time.

Most people think of marriage as a siege, but she has no education background, no skills and no savings. She can only use marriage as a rescue station and shelter, and cant live without marriage.


My classmate Lai Feng, 31, is finally married.

We asked her, what, really want to?

She said, dont you just get married? Youre afraid of nothing. If you marry the wrong person, you wont die.

Although Lai Feng doesnt have an annual salary of one million yuan, there are still hundreds of thousands of them. Besides, she is a LOHAS. She likes to keep fit and study. Even a person can have a good life.

Once she went to the gym to practice boxing and wanted to hire a personal trainer.

When signing the contract, the owner of the gym asked him in a routine way, would you please teach me privately? Does my husband agree?

The boss explained: the cost of private education is relatively high. We are worried that the husband of the client will not agree with it, and there will be disputes in the future, so we need to confirm it.

Laifeng opened her eyes. Some women even need her husbands permission to ask for a private education!

She told the boss, its OK. You dont have to worry. If my husband doesnt agree, Ill practice boxing him well.

Strange to say, the more women dont put the second half of their lives on marriage, the easier it is to be happy in the second half of their lives.

Perhaps he also knew that this marriage, for Laifeng, was neither a rope nor a cage. Apart from the equal love and gentleness, there was no other way to keep her by her side.


Dont bet if you cant afford to lose.

Dont marry if you cant afford it.

Its a pity that many people dont understand such a simple truth.

Marriage itself is not terrible, because its worst result is nothing more than divorce.

So I advise everyone who wants to get married to be ready for divorce, although it doesnt sound very auspicious.

Yes, regardless of everything, it sounds more romantic to put moths on fire.

But no ones marriage can be perfect, and conflicts always happen.

When conflicts happen, we can only step back until there is no way to go.

And if you have a door behind you, pushing it open is the vast world. The person who is most afraid of losing is never you.

Such people, no matter how many divorces, will not depreciate.