Chen ruoyi: why do you always want to please my mother-in-law? Just be yourself

 Chen ruoyi: why do you always want to please my mother-in-law? Just be yourself


In the program, Chen ruoyi first talked about the pressure of marrying Lin Zhiying. Thats necessary. One of your fans has married so many idols. You are so kind, but too many girls are lovelorn. You should be very happy and live in the sunshine every day. Because you married the man you wanted to marry the most, and this man is very good to you, isnt he? Why do you listen to so many peoples words. You cant care so much about the opinions of others. I havent been happy for more than ten years, but I still have a lot of pressure. Even use thousands of arrows pierce the heart to describe it?


I saw the back of the tattered jeans and finally understood why Lin Zhiyings mother suggested not to wear them like this. When Chen ruoyi was cleaning the window, half of her bottom saw it. This is also an indisputable fact. Others are embarrassed to see it. As an elder, as Lin Zhiyings mother and Chen ruoyis mother-in-law, such suggestions can be understood and accepted. Nothing, just pay more attention in the future. In a word, the harshness of my mother-in-law is not necessarily dissatisfaction with you. Anyway, my mother-in-law is also strict with Lin Zhiying. Therefore, there is no pertinence.


Here, Chen ruoyi is also taught to do housework by her mother-in-law. Over there, Chens mother called. It turned out that the recording day was mothers day. Chen ruoyi cant accompany her mother, she can only accompany her mother-in-law. The more you think about it, the less happy you are. Shes so busy that shes worried about not doing well enough. She is very clever to say good words: aunts daughters-in-law are very good, the family take good care of. Then she lowered her head in silence. She really didnt need to feel inferior. As long as we are good at ourselves, we can do it. The burden of thought is too heavy.