Oppo reno4 series release: Video anti shake from RMB 2999

 Oppo reno4 series release: Video anti shake from RMB 2999

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[amazing technology] opporeno4pro starts: whats the beauty of a shiny mobile phone? (source: original)

In terms of appearance, opporeno4pro is 7.6mm thick and weighs about 172g; the first exclusive renoglow process adopts hyperbolic screen design; 6.5-inch hyperbolic flexible OLED screen supports 90hz refresh rate and 180hz sampling rate; in terms of 5g, opporeno4pro is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 765G integrated 5g chip, upgraded 360 u00b0 surround antenna 2.0, 5g + wi fi dual channel acceleration; at the same time, reno4 series is also equipped with new co Lores7.2; the whole system supports 65W super flash charging, and the opporeno4pro adopts a large double cell battery with 2x2000mah equivalent to 4000mAh battery energy.

In terms of camera, opporeno4pro adopts the scheme of 48 million ultra clear main camera + 12 million ultra wide angle + 13 million long focus + laser focusing. Among them, the wide angle adopts the imx708 super wide angle video lens customized by Sony, which has 16:9 video customized frame, super pixel size, 120 degree super wide field angle, and supports four in one pixel aggregation.

In terms of software algorithm, opporeno 4 series is the first to develop moonlight night scene video algorithm, which is supported by the main shot and super wide angle shots. When the algorithm is turned on, the brightness and purity of the image can be increased by 74.4% and 33.7% respectively. It supports the third generation of video super anti shake, and also adds the pre video anti shake and mobile delay photography functions.


In terms of price, opporeno 4 (8 + 128GB) costs 2999 yuan, (8 + 256gb) costs 3299 yuan; opporeno 4pro (8 + 128GB) costs 3799 yuan, (12 + 256gb) costs 4299 yuan; opporeno 4pro 2020 summer customized version (midsummer fluorescent 12 + 256gb) costs 4299 yuan.

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