Who says I cant get married: love is giving to each other, not moral self touch

 Who says I cant get married: love is giving to each other, not moral self touch

Before, someone said that Tian Lei in who says I cant get married was king of golden sentences. I feel the same way. Many times, she just said what everyone said. For example, she said: sooner or later you need to understand that if there is a long-term comfortable relationship between people, it depends on commonness and attraction. Its not like you are now, just paying and morally moving yourself Of course, you would say that women are prone to IQ drop in love. But Ding Shiya didnt fall in love with Lin Zhongxin, but the relationship in her career suddenly became ambiguous.


Its hard to say. Lin Zhongxin wants to take over Ding Shiya. In career, let her help herself. Emotionally, let her pay for herself without regret. For what? Yeah. Its a good question, but Ding Shiya cant get out of the emotional vortex. The most popular one is that Lin Zhongxin is married, and his wife is a pure white rich and beautiful (not silly and sweet). What is Ding Shiya? At this moment, its time to withdraw from the battlefield without gunpowder. Third party? Woman, how much you should love that scum man.


Lin CITICs mistake is to conceal the fact that he is married. We should try our best to cheat Ding Shiya, but the window paper has been pierced. All hypocrisy is in front of us. Lin CITIC is a three no smelly man, who doesnt take the initiative to refuse - plus, is not responsible. Ding Shiya has to bump into her head and even call Lin CITIC for help when she is in trouble. In order to facilitate the next days journey, they even opened only one room in the hotel. Alone men and widows live in the same room. Unexpectedly, Ding Shiya is the one who actively kisses, and she is also the one who actively dedicates herself.


At the critical moment, Lin Zhongxin pushes Ding Shiya aside. This is the last reason of the slag man. Im afraid its also the highlight of the whole play. Think of Tian Leis words again, they are quite right. What is love? Trust and rely on each other. Of course, we have to pay for each other. Love is a double arrow, not a fool to pay. Do you think this is love? Do you think that the other side will be moved by this? No, no, no, Lin CITIC takes love and marriage as a trade in exchange for a future. Ding Shiya thought he would give up everything for himself?


I cant say that Ding Shiya is vile. She is very confused: since she has loved, why is it not me who is beside you now? Because the time is not right and the place is not right, the meeting of two people is also wrong. So, should you learn to let go? If, unmarried men and women can try again. The other side is the husband of a woman. Does the woman pay all the time? This has nothing to do with love or not, lets not casually raise it to the moral level. Im sorry, but CITIC Lin doesnt care if youre around. Because, he has a wife.

Ding Shiyas affection for Lin Zhongxin is superfluous. Better use it to warm your heart. Woman, love yourself more!