When you are in a bad mood, you actually have five choices

 When you are in a bad mood, you actually have five choices

What do you do when you are in a bad mood?

Some people say, most of the time, I will choose to digest myself, and I will be happy after tomorrow.

Some people also said, Ill clean up the room and throw away the useless things. Im very happy when I throw them away.

Some people said: to make an appointment with three or five friends, either drink spirits together, or listen to music together, together with friends is always a good remedy for unhappiness.

In the face of unhappiness, everyone has their own common magic weapon. In fact, it doesnt matter whether its good or bad. What suits you and can cure yourself is a good way.

The only thing to say is, dont always deal with it in one way in the face of your little sadness.

Like people who are used to digesting by themselves, the essence of this method is actually repression.

Its not impossible to suppress, but if you keep depressing, it will make sadness generalized. As a result, you will often feel sad for no reason, but it will make the problem more complicated.

A more reasonable way is to try different ways of self-healing, face different problems, and find the most appropriate response, which will be much better.


So, what are the ways to dredge bad emotions?

Here, we share five of the best magic tools for you.

1. Catharsis

For people with mature mentality, controlling their emotions is the most basic requirement. But we also know that emotions should not be blocked. The pressure that a person can bear is limited. When the negative emotion accumulates to a certain extent, the flood force it gathers is like the flood of a barrier lake. It needs to be released in time to avoid the devastating consequences.

Therefore, we should learn to vent our bad emotions in a harmless way.

Catharsis is not a hysterical release of self, not a complete lack of control, want to curse, want to throw things. Although this is also a kind of release, and can experience a kind of pleasure when releasing, but this effect is temporary, in the long run, it will even arouse more negative emotions, which is harmful.

There are many harmless ways of venting.

For example, when you are alone, you can write down your feelings and what you want to say in a diary. The study found that when we write about our inner anxiety, sadness, and even anger, the process of writing naturally has a healing effect.

For some people, the same words of comfort, said to themselves, and others said to themselves, the effect is quite different.


Compensation transfer method means that if there is one thing that causes your depression and makes us unhappy, it can also relieve our mood by diverting our attention and paying attention to other positive things.

Whether its going to karaoke, watching a long cherished movie, or a walk on the go trip, we can be pulled out of the temporarily unhappy mood, so as to save ourselves.


3. Reverse thinking

To achieve this, the most effective way is to use reverse thinking.

For example, when you dont do a good job and feel frustrated, dont immerse yourself in the thought of self denial that I cant even do a good job, but change your perspective. You can remind yourself that it doesnt work. Its a good thing that you experienced this problem earlier, and you can avoid falling behind when you encounter this kind of problem later.

When people are in low mood, it is easy to fall into the terrible thinking trap, thinking that the whole world is not good, and therefore self denial. By reconstructing our cognition, reverse thinking can prevent us from sliding into the abyss of despair and bring our emotions back to the right track.

4. Rational cognition

Some negative emotions are actually caused by our unreasonable cognition.

In the face of problems, only if we dont rush to put the responsibility on others and reflect on whether we have some unreasonable beliefs, can we get rid of the real negative emotions. Otherwise, the future life is just repeated again and again.


Many people have a misconception that only people who are mentally sick need to turn to a psychologist for help. In fact, the scope of psychological consultation is wider than we think. People who are confused or troubled in their heart can ask psychological consultants for help.

And compared with family and friends, psychological counselors can not only alleviate peoples superficial emotional problems, but also dig out some problems hidden in the heart to help people grow better.

Therefore, psychological counseling is also a very effective way to deal with our bad emotions.

At last, I want to say that in the era of material life becoming more and more abundant, even overflowing, inner abundance is the more important source for us to obtain happiness and happiness. We need to learn more to let our hearts grow better, rather than let them grow savagely as before.

To be happy is what everyone pursues, but before that, we should learn how to make ourselves happy.

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