Today, the sky is magnificent and the fireworks are thick

 Today, the sky is magnificent and the fireworks are thick

By the ever hotter sun

The longer you bake

cool breeze

Its the surprise that everything hopes for


Where it blows slowly

Ridge playing dance

Enjoy maturity and grow thankfully


After a rustle through the woods

Cicadas and spring

You smell

Today at 12:58


Pedestrians are tireless in May

There are three kinds of Mangrove

First Mantis

Little Mantis breaks its shell

They will use their increasingly strong arms

Start a wonderful life journey

The second time Peng starts to sing

Shrike in the forest

Its like telling people

Midsummer news

Three periods of anti lingual silence

Different from the Shrike

The noisy bird of the past

But the voice and the past

Clouds gather, rain flows, water-cooled melons are sweet, and green trees hang on the painted eaves.

The first rest of the shower

There are still water drops jumping between the green leaves

After being washed by the rain

The pavilion seems to be growing high

The branches seem to be more luxuriant

Lingxiu mountains and rivers

At this time of year

Its always pleasant and charming

Although its hot and windy in May, the eaves are full of ropes and cars.

u2014u2014u2014u2014Excerpt from tianjiaxing by Wang Jian in Tang Dynasty

The midsummer weather is dreary and hot

So should our lives

Learn to work hard and enjoy yourself

Frogging pool is full of water, and grass grows between steps.

u2014u2014(Ming Dynasty) fan Fus excerpt of six Miscellaneous Poems on Tian Jian

Moist wind

The fragrance of fragrant grass

Let a pool of water gently frown

As if at the moment

Mirabilis day

The ceremony of offering sacrifices to the God of flowers should be held among the people

Farewell to the God of flowers

Every goodbye

Beautiful today

The season of grain in ear

Barley and wheat with awn


Its ready to harvest


To express joy

Farmers will choose auspicious days to celebrate

Pray for a good harvest

Harvest joy, plant expectations

It can be said that

Grain in the air

Its the same thing. Its not the same thing

The temperature rises and the rain continues in the season of grain in ear

Diet should be clear and tonic

May and spring are gone

The sea durian gives off the intoxicated wind

Dont remember the past

As long as the heart is clear

The scenery is warm and the wind is not high

Japanese high school three fighting enterprising days

Cherish the sunny days with sweat

All your efforts

Its going to pay off

See the sunshine and the rain again

Life is a fertile land

What do you sow

What will be gained

All growth will not be failed

A vast expanse of good farmland, wind and waves of Wheat

Your step

It must be deeply planted in fertile soil


There are thousands of wisdom

Once a thousand acres

Long days are like years

Take good care of no pains

Accompany for a long time

The dream will be like you

Looking up at the magnificence of the dome

Looking forward to a long time

Everything happened by chance