Will the Chinese and Indian military meet tomorrow to resolve the border dispute? Foreign ministry response

 Will the Chinese and Indian military meet tomorrow to resolve the border dispute? Foreign ministry response

Surging news reporter: Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech at the video conference of the global vaccine summit yesterday. Can you tell me something about it? What role will China play in international cooperation on vaccines?

Geng Shuang: novel coronavirus pneumonia video conference was held yesterday to raise funds for the global alliance for vaccines and immunization, and to ensure the availability of vaccines, especially to speed up the development, production and distribution of new crown vaccine. Leaders of more than 30 countries and heads of international organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization attended the meeting. At the meeting, all parties expressed their common desire to strengthen cooperation in vaccine research and development, and conveyed the confidence and determination of the international community to join hands in the fight against the epidemic. China welcomes the success of the meeting.

Under the situation that the challenge of the epidemic is still severe, vaccine is a powerful shield against the virus. Premier Li Keqiang made a speech at the meeting, which showed Chinas positive attitude towards vaccine research and development and international anti epidemic cooperation. He stressed that China will continue to support who to play a core role in coordinating vaccine research and development, promote multi center clinical trials and research and development results to be put on the market as soon as possible, and provide safe, effective and high-quality global public products to the world.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia and its application in the new crown pneumonia epidemic were actively supported by the resolution of the United Nations solidarity test project and the WHO Global Cooperation Initiative on accelerating the development and production of new crown pneumonia vaccines and drug production and fair distribution. International Conference on the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Next, China will continue to adhere to the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, work closely with all parties, work together to promote vaccine research and development and international cooperation in anti epidemic, and work together to overcome the epidemic at an early date.

Reuters: in a speech on Thursday, U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio praised Nasdaq for tightening its regulatory measures, calling it a model for all stock exchanges around the world, and highlighted the fraud of Chinese companies in auditing. What is Chinas comment on pompeios remarks?

Geng Shuang: we have noticed the US sides statement.

The Chinese government has always advocated that whenever listed companies are listed, they should strictly abide by the relevant laws and rules of the listing place, truly, accurately and completely perform the obligation of information disclosure, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. China has always held a zero tolerance attitude towards financial fraud of listed companies, which is consistent and clear.

The U.S. sides statement that Chinese companies do not comply with the relevant rules of the United States is general. It is true that some Chinese companies have recently committed financial fraud, but this does not represent all Chinese companies listed in the United States. The US sides recent comments and practices against Chinese companies are obviously biased.

In fact, the regulators of China and the United States have carried out a number of cooperation in the field of cross-border listed companies audit supervision, but the relevant regulators of the United States are unwilling to solve the problem. The US sides actions against China are political manipulation of regulatory issues. Forcing Chinese companies to delist from the US would seriously damage the interests of US investors. We expect the US side to show its sincerity in solving the problem, solve the differences in an equal and cooperative way in accordance with the international practice of cross-border audit supervision, and truly protect the interests of investors.

Xinhua News Agency reporter: it is reported that the Constitutional Court of Burundi announced the official result of the presidential election held in May 20th on the 4 day. The candidate of the ruling partys defending democratic force, the president of the Democratic Party, was elected president by 68.7% of the vote. What is Chinas comment on this?

Geng Shuang: China congratulates Mr. Edward siege on his election as president of Burundi. We believe that under the leadership of President I Lashmi Jerzy, the government and people of Burundi will make new and greater achievements in the way of national development.

Burundi is Chinas all day long partner and friend in Africa. China is willing to work with the Burmese side to consolidate friendship and mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and close international coordination so as to push bilateral relations to a higher level.

AFP: according to Indian media, the heads of the Chinese and Indian military will meet tomorrow to resolve the border dispute. Can you provide details?

Geng Shuang: at present, the situation in the border area between China and India is generally stable and controllable. China and India have a sound border mechanism, and both sides maintain close communication through diplomatic and military channels, and are committed to properly handling relevant issues.

China Youth Daily: novel coronavirus pneumonia, Beijing Youth Daily: we note that in June 2nd, the permanent mission of China to the United Nations held an online seminar with the permanent missions of Russia and Venezuela, with the theme of unilateral coercive measures to combat the global impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic: safeguarding the Charter of the United Nations, strengthening international cooperation and ensuring that no one should fall behind. Can you tell me more? How does China view the impact of unilateral sanctions on the international communitys response to the epidemic?

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading globally. The international community is actively carrying out cooperation in anti epidemic. However, some countries are still stubbornly implementing unilateral coercive measures, making it difficult for countries concerned to get one disaster after another.

In this context, on June 2, the permanent mission of China to the United Nations and the permanent missions of Russia and other countries jointly held relevant online seminars, chaired by President Espinosa of the 73rd session of the general assembly. The permanent representatives of interested countries, representatives of some Member States and experts from the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights, UNCTAD and Columbia University addressed the meeting. All parties agree that unilateral coercive measures seriously violate the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, the norms of international law, the right to development of the affected countries and their ability to achieve the goal of sustainable development, and make ordinary civilians the biggest victims. The international community should unite to effectively deal with the negative effects of unilateral sanctions, help developing countries fight the epidemic and achieve inclusive and sustainable development.

Ambassador Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the United Nations, said in his speech that the international community should actively respond to Secretary General Guterress appeal, fully respond to the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures, and help the affected countries overcome the epidemic. The United Nations and other international agencies should provide timely and effective support to the affected countries to help them resolve the economic and social impact of the epidemic and improve the plight of the people. China has provided a great deal of assistance to countries in need and will continue to do so.

Once again, we urge individual countries to immediately eliminate unilateral coercive measures, unite with the international community to fight the epidemic and overcome difficulties. China will also continue to work with all parties to practice multilateralism, firmly uphold the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and create a good international environment for all countries to win the battle against the epidemic, achieve rapid recovery and sustainable development.

Beijing Daily: Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson zaharova said at a press conference yesterday that the Hong Kong issue is purely Chinas internal affairs. The United States and the United Kingdom have manipulated and discussed the Hong Kong issue in the United Nations Security Council, which not only violates Chinas sovereignty, but also seriously violates the basic norms of international law and is unacceptable. What is Chinas comment on this?

Geng Shuang: China highly appreciates Ms. zaharovas statement. Recently, Foreign Minister Lavrov, Ms. zaharova and other Russian officials have voiced their support for Chinas just position on the issue of involving Hong Kong and called on external forces not to interfere in Chinas internal affairs. This not only reflects the high level of China Russia relations, but also reflects the unanimous voice of people of insight in the international community.

The legislation of the Hong Kong SAR on safeguarding national security is purely Chinas internal affairs, and no foreign country has the right to intervene. If someone insists on harming Chinas interests, China will take all necessary measures to respond.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: according to reports, Venezuelan opposition has signed an agreement on cooperation against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and agreed to coordinate the search for anti epidemic funds with the support of Pan American Health Organization and implement epidemic prevention assistance. What is Chinas comment on this?

Geng Shuang: China believes that the consensus reached by the Venezuelan parties on anti epidemic cooperation is conducive to curbing the spread of domestic epidemic in Venezuela, safeguarding the life safety and health of the Venezuelan people, promoting the process of political settlement of the Venezuelan issue and meeting the general expectations of the international community.

China will continue to firmly support the Venezuelan parties to solve the domestic problems of Venezuela through inclusive dialogue and consultation within the framework of the constitution, and is willing to deepen cooperation with Venezuela in anti epidemic and continue to provide assistance within its capabilities. We also appeal once again to the countries concerned to lift the unilateral sanctions against Venezuela and create favorable conditions for the Venezuelan people to overcome the epidemic.

Reuters: Facebook said on Thursday it would label official media in China, Russia and other countries, and prohibit it from placing certain ads on US users. Whats your comment on this?

Geng Shuang: the media is an important bridge and link for people of all countries to enhance communication and understanding. Any foreign media organization, as long as its activities conform to the laws and regulations of the host country and comply with professional ethics, should be treated equally and not differently.

We hope that the relevant social media platforms will give up ideological bias and look at the role of national media in promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, and not selectively set obstacles, let alone politicize issues.

Reporter from the South China Morning Post: it is reported that members of Parliament from Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries formed a transnational parliamentary policy alliance to jointly coordinate and respond to the huge challenges from China. What is Chinas response?

Geng Shuang: we urge a small number of politicians to respect the facts and basic norms of international relations, abandon cold war thinking and ideological prejudice, stop using various issues to interfere in Chinas internal affairs, and stop engaging in political manipulation for their own personal interests. We hope that they can play a more constructive role in solidarity and cooperation with the international community.

Shenzhen satellite TV reporter: President of the world economic forum Schwab announced on January 3 that the 2021 annual meeting of the world economic forum will be held in January next year, with the theme of world rejuvenation. Schwab said the outbreak crisis damaged the worlds sustainable development and increased the worlds inequality, but also provided an opportunity to promote the worlds recovery. What is Chinas comment on this?

Geng Shuang: novel coronavirus pneumonia is the theme of the world economic forums annual meeting of 2021. The theme of this annual meeting is the revival of the world. This reflects the urgent need of the international community to cope with the challenges posed by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and jointly promote the resumption and steady development of the world economy.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia constitutes the biggest global crisis since World War II, and the world economy has been in the worst recession since the great depression in the 30s. But as president Schwab said, this crisis also provides us with an opportunity to reflect, restructure, and promote the worlds recovery and a healthier, fairer and more prosperous future. Whether the crisis can be turned into an opportunity, the epidemic can be overcome as soon as possible, and the world economy can achieve greater development at a new starting point depends on the joint efforts of the international community.

The epidemic strongly shows that the fate of all countries is closely linked and that mankind is a community of shared destiny. Facing the double crisis of global public health and world economy, only by carrying forward the spirit of partnership and strengthening solidarity and cooperation can we win the battle. China is willing to strengthen cooperation with all parties, including the world economic forum, uphold the spirit of multilateralism and the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, closely coordinate macroeconomic policies, promote the construction of an open world economy, promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, maintain the stability and smooth supply chain of the global industrial chain, and work together to promote the early realization of a strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive world economy Capacity growth.

Geng Shuang: due to the work arrangement, I am going to a new post. Today should be my last regular press conference as a foreign ministry spokesman. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your concern, help, support and encouragement over the past four years!

As a Chinese diplomat, no matter where I go, I will continue to tell a good story of China, convey Chinas voice, and make my own efforts and contributions to promoting mutual understanding between China and the world and enhancing the friendship between the Chinese people and the people of the world.

Say goodbye here. Well see you later! Thank you!