Tongyao: emotion is not a mathematical formula but a chemical reaction

 Tongyao: emotion is not a mathematical formula but a chemical reaction

TV series who says I cant get married

The popularity of who says I cant get married has caused many netizens to discuss the feelings and marriage of urban women. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Tong Yao confessed that Cheng Lu, who she plays, seems to be strong in heart, but in fact, there are also weak points in her strong heart. She doesnt think that the labels of career independence and inner strength will become the reason why urban girls are difficult to marry. I hope these labels dont become the standard to measure girls.

The following is the interview record:

Xinhua: Cheng Lu, Tian Lei and Ding Shiya are all unmarried women with excellent conditions. What are their similarities and differences?

Tong Yao: there is no doubt that all three of them are very serious about their work and have great efforts. The difference lies in Cheng Lus passivity and refusal to grow up in her love; Tian Leis work is paramount and she doesnt seem to attach much importance to her feelings; Ding Shiya is a girl who still has the beautiful hope of a little girl in her love.

Xinhua: in the play, Wei Shu has been using theory to guide Cheng Lus love. Is such a theory feasible in love?

Tong Yao: I dont think its very good to deal with emotion with theory or formula. Emotion is not a mathematical formula, its a chemical reaction, and you will know who practices love in the end when you watch the play.

Xinhua: Cheng Lus career is independent and her heart is strong. Will these labels be the cause of her difficult marriage?

Xinhua: some people think that a coquettish woman has the best life, while others think that a beautiful stupid woman is better to marry. Do you agree with that?

Tong Yao: as I just said, these so-called laws are using labels to create a stereotype of others. I dont think they are worth advocating. Modern women must first become an independent individual.

Xinhuanet: in order to quickly enter the role, what lessons have been done to the role of Cheng Lu?

Tong Yao: I will talk about their life, ideas, high light and dark time in my career with the writers around me.

Xinhua: what is the difficulty in the role interpretation?

Tong Yao: its about how to establish a resonance with the audience, especially the urban women. This requires not only that you become a role, but that others trust and identify with the role.

Tong Yao: the most real thing is that women will have some social pressure when they reach a certain age. This is something that everyone can communicate and empathize with, but in fact, they are not willing to be bound and dominated by this pressure.

Xinhuanet: what characteristics should independent women have in the new era?

Tong Yao: first of all, you should have an independent economy and mind. Second, you should have something you like and love. Then you should be able to hold it in your mind and be curious about the world forever.

Xinhua: there are also some unfair social phenomena for women in the play. How to treat the relatively weak phenomena in womens work and life?

Tong Yao: this kind of phenomenon exists objectively, but it doesnt happen everywhere. Generally speaking, I still believe that if a woman loves her career enough, her struggle will be fruitful.

Xinhua: what values do you hope to convey through the role of Cheng Lu?

Source: responsible editor of Xinhuanet: Chen Shaojie_ b6952