Red clay pot master Xu Sihais friend Zhao Benshan mourns

 Red clay pot master Xu Sihais friend Zhao Benshan mourns

Cover news report on June 5 at 17:00 on June 5, the cover news reporter learned from Shanghai that: Mr. Xu Sihai, a famous contemporary master of Arts and crafts and a legendary master of pot art in Shanghai, died at the age of 74 in Shanghai at 6:06 a.m. today due to the invalid rescue of sudden heart disease.

The cover journalist interviewed Xu Zefeng, the son of Xu Sihai by telephone. He confirmed to the cover journalist that his father was always in good health. On the afternoon of June 4, he was sorting out the purple clay pot in the museum and fell accidentally. At that time, his father had no assistant around him. When the staff found out, his father had passed away in a coma. According to the doctor, the father died of a sudden heart attack. Xu Zefeng said that we would follow his fathers simple and natural life attitude and choose to set up a memorial hall in the lotus Pavilion of the hundred Buddha garden.

Zhao Benshan not only entrusted Shanghai friends to send wreaths to Xu Sihai to express his nostalgia for his old friends. Liu Shuangping, the art director, was also sent to Shanghai to mourn Xu Sihais home on behalf of him, to send the last trip to his old friend.

Xu Sihai, Ziyun, born in 1946, is known as Jiangnan pot monster. This is not only because he is a renowned master of purple sand ceramics at home and abroad, but also a legendary connoisseur and collector.

Cover journalists interviewed Xu Sihai in Shanghai a few years ago. Xu Sihai is not only a famous purple sand art master of Shanghai school at home and abroad, but also a legendary ancient pot collector. The reporter saw more than 1000 teapots of Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in the four seas teapot museum he founded. One of the treasures of the town hall, tycoon pot, was originally a family heirloom specially made by Shao Daheng for the pan family in Yixing. Its amazing that this pot is displaced with its owner without any damage.

Source: cover news editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952