Heavy fire on the Moon continues to heat up Luo Yunxi and Chen Yuqi

 Heavy fire on the Moon continues to heat up Luo Yunxi and Chen Yuqi

Touzhi couples emotion advanced high sweet famous scene heavy debut

In last weeks plot, with the plot layers stacked, the plot branch line of heavy fire on the moon gradually opens. Although the case of the theft of the nine movements of the lotus God is clear, the consequences are still fermenting. There are various signs that the unknown people have learned the powerful skills in the secret script, and the impact on the Wulin is unknown. Chongxuezhi practices in seclusion, and shangguantou goes to find out the truth of his life experience. After their own transformation, the two meet again in the pursuit of the epidemic of cold and fever.

Luo Yunxi, Chen Yuqi, ups and downs on the way to love, sweet and sadistic, interwoven and portrayed the freehand Jianghu

As the plot enters the second week, the multi-level emotional approach and characters in the play are gradually unfolding. People in the Jianghu should be natural and unrestrained, but because of the external constraints and inner desires, everyone is faced with insurmountable obstacles. The Lord is gifted and intelligent. He knows the world and distinguishes peoples minds, but he cant see himself alone. Heavy snow fungus, which looks strange and lively, also has the perseverance that steel cant turn around. Lin Fengzi, who is simple and frank, is infatuated with being an official, but his inner demons love turns into dangerous possessiveness; Xia Qingmei, who is proud and conceited, cant stand the neglect of his beloved, chooses to prove himself in a desperate way. In the face of obstacles, some people take love and ideals as their strength, while others are bound by the trend of fate. Different choices outline the different growth arc of the characters in the play, showing the mixed emotional route of sweetness and cruelty and the deep inner feelings of the characters.

Since the launch of fire on the moon, a large number of people have been attracted not only by the high-energy and continuous plot and sweet and warm emotional description, but also by the complex, full and close to the real characters in the play, as well as the most true freehand brushwork Jianghu composed of these characters, which is also loved by more and more audiences. With the fresh and transparent aesthetic style and story style, it brings the audience a strong sense of resonance, and in addition to moving, it causes the audience to have a deeper Enlightenment on love, fate, good and evil and other issues.

Source: Chen Shaojie, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ b6952