Liang Jieshou challenges the growth oriented hostess you are my destiny to broadcast

 Liang Jieshou challenges the growth oriented hostess you are my destiny to broadcast

Chen Jiaxins image contrast of Liang Jie in love

In this play, Chen Jiaxin, played by Liang Jie, was originally a simple and lovely post it girl. Because of her good nature and good temper, she became a little transparency in the workplace. After meeting Wang Xiyi (Xing Zhaolin), her life quickly started to change. Chen Jiaxin, who is a new love lover, has experienced such things as marriage first, love after breakup and so on. She has met the great test of love and made a lot of netizens pinch a sweat for her early.

Not only does this role affect the hearts of netizens, but in the latest release of the MV, Liang Jie, who has a gentle appearance and a fresh and flexible performance, is more eye-catching. The image contrast between the front and the back is incisively and vividly performed. The exposure of various shapes such as double horsetail, professional dress, Hong Kong style red lips also makes everyone call too amazing.

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The heroine of you are my destiny is Liang Jies first challenge to the role of growth. It is the most difficult to interpret the change of mood from the pure and harmless workplace transparency to the independent and mature modern women after the wind and rain. Liang Jies comprehensive temperament of gentle and dignified, lively, cheerful and ignorant makes Chen Jiaxin alive, and her role setting is very close to her face. As a young generation in the performing industry, Liang Jie is bold in breaking through herself. The performance of the drama is delicate, real and full of aura. In addition to a large number of emotional plays with the male master, the rival plays with Liu Xuehua and Liu Lin are expected to be quite attractive. It is believed that this play will definitely become a strong mark in the growth history of Liang Jies actors.

A love story which is wrong in the world but destined by fate, together with the fine and ingenious adaptation and the performance of many excellent actors, this play will surely get everyones support. It is reported that another drama starring Liang Jie, lovers without lying, will also meet the audience during the summer vacation. General trend Xiaohua Liangjie leads the summer program in advance, please keep your attention.