Blame you for being too beautiful

 Blame you for being too beautiful

The thorny, multi pressure work life not only makes Mo go a lot of detours late, but also nearly makes her lose her original intention. But fortunately, her lover Mobei (Gao Yixiang) has unconditional tolerance and trust, support and encouragement, so that she can still keep her heart, reshape herself, and go ahead on the road to realize her dream after experiencing the changes of the world. The climax of the plot, solid and compact rhythm, coupled with the actors full tension performance, have successfully lifted the audiences appetite and triggered the audiences infinite expectations.

It is worth mentioning that the real and exquisite scene settings, exquisite and distinct screen production and movie like high-level texture displayed in the trailer all reflect the pursuit and sincerity of the creative team, and also let the audience have confidence in the quality of the drama.

Focus on the ups and downs of womens workplace and restore real life from multiple perspectives

Blame you for being too beautiful focuses on the battle of trapped beasts of urban women. Mo Xiang, the gold broker in the companys high position, is lost and ups and downs in the workplace in the evening, presenting a picture of all living beings behind the scenes in the workplace, telling the living status of urban women and showing the ideals and aspirations of people in the workplace. For the first time, the play focuses on the early age sickness in the workplace. Through the workplace topics closely related to the public, it causes the audience to face the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered in their career directly, so that each audience can find their own problems and deficiencies while watching the play, and find appropriate solutions to gain experience and growth in the play. The show will be broadcast exclusively on iqiyi from June 8, with 2 episodes updated every Monday to Wednesday at 20 oclock. VIPs will watch 6 episodes first. Career ceiling is at your fingertips. Its a hard choice for all living beings in the workplace. How to choose? More exciting. Please look forward to it.