Whats life like living in a slum?

 Whats life like living in a slum?

Of course, no matter how rich a country is, there must be poor people, including Japan.

But behind delicate Japan, there are slums like ordinary countries.

You may think, is Japans slums on the edge of the city, in the mountains and forests? But its not. Japans largest slum is in the block opposite to the prosperity business district of Toshiba Pavilion in Osaka.

Here, with an area of only one square kilometer, it has a population of about 40000, including more than 9000 homeless people, homeless people and street friends.

Therefore, the consumption here is in sharp contrast to the consumption in Japans business district. The price of everything is amazing.

Here, a pot of hard goods full of sushi is only 650 yen, equivalent to more than 40 yuan; a full oyster hot pot is only 1000 yen, 70 yuan less than full, cheaper than domestic.

There is also a self-service vending machine. Generally speaking, the coke of the vending machine costs 150 yen, but in the slums, 100 yen can give you the freedom of consumption of the vending machine.

Local residents also like the nearby supermarket, because its really cheap. Meat is 50% cheaper and vegetables are nearly 75% cheaper. They also make a secret commodity special price of 1 yen every day. Even the most luxurious fruits, such as watermelon, can be bought here at the same price as Chinas price exchange rate.

In the slums, what residents love most is not Yuji Matcha, Japanese snacks, or even the fresh meat of 1 yen, but wine, especially cheap wine.

This kind of wine is called sakeonecup. It used to be the best-selling wine in Japan in the last years of Showa. But now, the former king has become the synonym of cheap wine, which is rarely sought after by Japanese young people.

It costs about 300 yen to sell sakeonecup in other areas, and 150 yen in slums.

In such an area, although there is no bright street view, there is the most real life.

In 2014, Japanese director Tada Shingo made a film about kamazaki slum. However, it is said that the relevant departments not only wanted to block the film, but also offered to bribe him 600000 yen, asking him not to tell it out and tear off their cover.

Therefore, the relevant departments have also selectively forgotten the land, trying to wipe out the existence of the slum which hinders the political achievements.

However, how to cover up the shame can not cover up the existence of this area and people.

However, the commercial value of this land is advancing rapidly, more and more businesses are beginning to move into Xicheng District. Now there are more than 150 entertainment industries with Chinese background opening stores here, and even a Chinese Commercial Street will be regulated here before 2025. The real estate potential is huge, and more and more capital begins to pay attention to this former slum.

It is said that Zhonghua Street will be built in this area, which will become the fourth Zhonghua street in Japan after Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki.

Every time we talk about Japan, most of us talk about ancient shrines, fireworks conventions or shopping paradise, but we dont realize that there are such a group of low-level groups on the back of endless prosperityu2014u2014

They are ostracized by the society and hated by the relevant departments. They have done their best just to keep alive.

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