Pull 3.5t/7.8l Toyota New Hilux details

 Pull 3.5t/7.8l Toyota New Hilux details

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[product introduction] New

Since the launch of the early generation of Hilux in 1968, Ta has proved its strong ability again and again, conquering the Arctic, Icelandic volcano and Antarctica, and won the championship in the Dakar Rally in 2019.

The new Hilux uses a more eye-catching and popular design, and upgrades the 2.8L diesel engine, and improves the comprehensive performance of road driving and off-road conditions; at the same time, the comfort, convenience and technology in the car are also significantly upgraded. At the same time, the new car also launched a more high-end flagship product, the invincible model, which can provide customers with diversified and personalized customized configurations without sacrificing any durability, firmness and reliability. The payload of the new Hilux is 1t and the maximum traction is 3.5t. All models (single row seat, double row seat) can be equipped with full-time four-wheel drive (rear drive as standard).

[new car knowledge] New

The new Hilux adopts a new exterior design; the new 3D three-dimensional front grille is bold and thick, showing the firmness and reliability of the pickup. In addition, the new car is equipped with a newly designed front and rear LED lamp set, a new engine hood, a new black style 18 inch alloy wheel hub, three new car paints (red, dark blue, white), etc.; the main body color is bronze metal car paint, which has the characteristics of dirt resistance and corrosion resistance.

The interior of the new Hilux uses a new instrument and central control layout; the new 8-inch central control screen is consistent with the new Camry and Asian dragon under the tnga architecture, with mechanical buttons and knobs; it also has a more popular multimedia system, faster software response speed, and supports the interconnection of applecarplay and Android Auto mobile phones.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with the current popular convenience functions, including: intelligent access, one button start, vehicle navigation, automatic air conditioning, front and rear reversing radar, 800W 8-channel speakers (clari-fi9 speaker, jblpremium sound optional), etc.

3. Two kinds of containers are optional

There are two kinds of containers in the new Hilux, which can meet different needs of consumers; the differences between the two kinds of containers are: container cover, sports side plate, aluminum plated roll cage, rear baffle lock, 12V container power supply.

4. More powerful 2.8T diesel engine

The power assembly of the new Hilux has been enhanced, adding a more powerful 2.8T diesel generator, with a maximum power of 204 horsepower, a maximum torque of 500N u00b7 m, a 100km acceleration of 10 seconds (12.8s for the current 2.4L diesel engine), an average fuel consumption of 7.8l/100km and a CO2 emission of 204G / km; the engine can be matched with 6mt and 6at gearboxes, and a full-time four-wheel drive system can be selected. At the same time, the 2.4t diesel engine (112KW, 400N u00b7 m) and 2.7L gasoline engine (123kw, 245n u00b7 m) of the current Hilux are still retained.

5. Cross country and highway

For the new Hilux, Toyotas engineers also provide excellent off-road performance and on-road handling comfort for the new car. In order to ensure extreme off-road conditions, the new Hilux is still faithful to the non load carrying body structure, ensuring extremely high torsional rigidity.

At the same time, engineers have improved the suspension and steering system to improve the comfort and driving performance of the new Hilux. Thanks to the adjustment of the front and rear shock absorbers, the improved leaf spring design and the new Bush, the new car can drive more smoothly and reduce the fine bumps from the ground.

The new Hilux models also offer top-level products, and the invincible version is specially designed for multi-purpose and leisure users; they need all the convenience and diversified functions of the pickup, as well as stronger off-road functions and more refined interior. Customizable equipment includes: front grille, bumper, skid plate, fender, door handle, wheel, rear baffle, black metal and black chrome decoration, intelligent access, blue front and rear door atmosphere lamp (double seat model), perforated leather seat, etc.