Spend 400 million yuan to live in the palace, enjoy the noble life, soak in hot springs and watch the 40 thousand flat horse farm

 Spend 400 million yuan to live in the palace, enjoy the noble life, soak in hot springs and watch the 40 thousand flat horse farm

In montesto, California, USA, there is a palace with an area of 3995 square meters, 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms in total, a wine cellar and tasting room that can hold 5000 bottles of wine, a world-class beauty salon and spa spa spa, as well as a sports bar, a nightclub, a duck pond, a vertical elevator shed, a 40000 square meter horse farm and a boundless swimming pool! It can be said that its a house that you dare not dream of, and you only need to spend 1.65 billion Taiwan dollars (about 400 million RMB) to own it!

Living room: the living room is in the center of the whole palace, with golden lampholders, golden leaf carvings, elegant crystal chandeliers and four seating areas. It can be used as a banquet hall.

How could the palace be a place to eat? They also have breakfast room! The same magnificent decoration, the use of mirror doors and beautiful glass doors, natural light into the mirror door reflection from the interior special bright. Its so delicate that even the ceiling is hand-painted. Flowers and birds make people feel more fresh and natural in the house.

Kitchen: This is really the most spectacular kitchen youve ever seen. The appliances in it are all top-grade, and tens of thousands are in any oven. And the money is too much to spend. Even the kitchen has to be equipped with crystal lights and a large luxurious fireplace.

Office: the owner of the palace is a world-class polo player. The office is full of honors. The whole office is 100% made of expensive mahogany, and the marble fireplace looks great.

Master bedroom: the scenery of master bedroom is very good. At one glance, it is the Pacific Ocean and the horse court, which makes people relaxed and happy. The TV is hidden in this seemingly inconspicuous mahogany cabinet. When not in use, the whole room looks more elegant and exquisite.

Top floor: standing on the dome top floor made of limestone, you can see the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean behind you. The ocean arcs around the palace. You can not only see the sunrise, but also the sunset. Its very spectacular

Outdoor: there are 39m long infinity pool, independent hot spring and 40000 u33a1 polo field overlooking the world. Even the International Polo Federation has held the Championship here! You can even go to a polo match while soaking in a hot spring. Thats great.

The palace is too big. The household you see is dazed and intoxicated with the smell of money. There are also wine cellars, hangars, nightclubs, polo clubs, outdoor bathtubs and many other interesting places in the palace. Lets open the atlas quickly~