Disabled in one official family? Media: dont let blade money become Tang Monk meat

 Disabled in one official family? Media: dont let blade money become Tang Monk meat

The relevant staff of the local disabled persons Federation shall verify and verify by means of convenience services, such as field visits, household surveys, etc.

The car has to be pulled over, to put it bluntly, its still trying to facilitate its own work, exposing the serious lack of service awareness.

Fortunately, the latest news shows that the staff has come to replace the disability certificate and apologized.

The subsidies used to help the needy and spend on the blade, on the one hand, are willful ones that should not be taken, and on the other hand, those that should not be taken at one time, which fully shows that the internal supervision mechanism of the work of the disabled in some places is invalid and lazy.

The disability certificate is not only the legal certificate to identify the disabled and their categories and grades, but also the basis for the disabled to enjoy a series of national and local preferential policies such as assistance and rescue. The handling and replacement of the disability certificate is closely related to the basic life and vital interests of the disabled. According to the current measures of the peoples Republic of China for the administration of disabled persons cards, the disabled persons cards shall be uniformly printed by the China Disabled Persons Federation and the seal of the China Disabled Persons Federation shall be overprinted. The local disabled persons Federation is responsible for distribution and management.

In order to ensure the proper issuance of the certificate and to put an end to random hair, the anti-corruption measures of beating tigers and beating flies and the measures of controlling indolence need to be continuously promoted to guarantee the escort. Only when the accountability for misconduct is in place, can the staff of relevant units be forced to do their duties conscientiously and conscientiously.