Paraplegia caused by trampoline for post-90s Female Graduate Students Sports Bureau: trampoline hall belongs to entertainment

 Paraplegia caused by trampoline for post-90s Female Graduate Students Sports Bureau: trampoline hall belongs to entertainment

On May 25, Qiqi (pseudonym), a graduate student, went to a trampoline hall with her boyfriend and cousin. Unfortunately, Qiqi was thrown into complete paraplegia. After the incident, he was treated in time by the hospital. At present, he has been transferred out of the ICU, and his right finger has gradually become aware. His physical and mental state has improved significantly.

Qi Qis cousin said that Qi Qis physical condition is getting better every day, but it is not as fast as expected, but rather a relatively slow process. Qi Qi was bounced up at that time, probably because the depth of the ocean pool was not enough, probably only to the height of the human calf, while Qi Qi was just hit by the hard ocean ball when he landed on the neck, plus the air cushion was more sufficient, which caused Qi Qi to bounce up and cause damage.

In addition, cousin Qiqi also said that only after the incident did they know that the trampoline hall started trial operation on May 20, and such an accident occurred on the fifth day of opening, so they doubted whether the trampoline hall had reported safety products. After the incident, the merchant paid 5000 yuan in advance under the coordination of the police, and has never appeared since.

Qiqi family: medical expenses have been spent more than 100000 yuan

There is a big gap in the cost of later rehabilitation treatment

How to determine the responsibility for the jumping out accident of wanghong trampoline again? Is trampoline a safe sport? The reporter from CCTV met Qi Qi, who was injured in Xuzhou benevolent hospital. Because of the serious injury, she just came out of the intensive care unit, and she was relatively weak.

Qi Qi: its a very painful thing. I know everything, but I cant control it. Now I dont have any consciousness in my lower limbs.

Qi Qi recalled that on May 25, she and her boyfriend and cousin went to the trampoline hall to play. The staff simply explained the playing method to them: there was a tall air cushion in the field, and people standing on the high jumped hard, while people lying on the low end would be bounced into the nearby Ocean ball pool. Qi Qi then lay on the air cushion, and her cousin and boyfriend would jump on it.

Engaged in the surveillance video at that time, we can see that Qi Qi lost control of her body after being bounced up, fell head down into the ocean ball pool, and couldnt move on the spot. Qi Qis boyfriend and cousin immediately put her out. Qi Qi felt that her lower body was unconscious, and immediately asked her boyfriend to call 120 to the hospital for treatment.

Zhou mengen, spinal surgeon of Xuzhou benevolence hospital: the patients current situation is complete paraplegia, cervical spine injury. At the beginning, her sensory plane was above the chest. Through the surgical treatment, the sensory plane has gone to the far end. At present, the recovery is OK, but it belongs to complete high paraplegia. The nerve recovery in the later stage is very long and takes a long time, so the recovery will not be very good.

Qiqis family said that within a few days of Qiqis admission to the hospital, the medical expenses cost more than 100000 yuan, and there is still a big gap in the long rehabilitation treatment costs in the later period, which makes the family very anxious, so they have repeatedly found businesses for consultation.

Qi Qis boyfriend Lu Xiaolu: the next day they took 5000 yuan, or we asked the police station to call them, then there was no other explanation.

Merchant: can use insurance to pay for medical expenses

Want to be held responsible by law

Later, the reporter came to the trampoline hall and saw that the notice of suspension of opening had been pasted on the glass door. The reporter contacted a person in charge by phone, she said that the trampoline hall was only open for business on May 20th, but it was unexpected that someone fell and injured on 25. The trampoline hall bought insurance, which can be used to pay for medical expenses.

Person in charge of trampoline Hall: when entering the arena, they signed a safety agreement. There are many things on the agreement. They also read it by themselves. Besides, there is a sign beside each project, such as the cervical vertebra is not allowed to play.

The person in charge said that all the equipment they purchased was qualified, and there were safety reminders on the site. As for how much responsibility trampoline hall should bear, she hopes to pass the law to determine.

Lawyer: trampoline hall should bear the main responsibility

The reporter interviewed Liu maotong, a lawyer from Jiangsu maotong law firm. He believed that as a large amusement park, we should do our duty to ensure safety.

Lawyer: due to the high risk of this activity, as a service provider, there is no training and standardized guidance, no behavior stop in the presence of danger, and no drill when the parties play. In this case, businesses and service providers should bear the main responsibility because they do not have enough evidence to prove that they have made necessary training guidance and safety precautions.

Several departments in Xuzhou said:

Not under their own supervision

Trampoline hall and all kinds of net red projects are new things. While they are favored by consumers, especially young people, most people ignore the potential safety hazards. Whats more embarrassing is that the regulation that should have followed seems to be a blind spot.

After Qiqis accident, the reporter had contacted many departments in Xuzhou and was told that they were not under their respective supervision. Xuzhou Market Supervision Bureau responded that only the special equipment in the list of special equipment issued by AQSIQ was managed by the Department, and the facilities causing Qiqis accident were not included in the scope. A staff member of Xuzhou Sports Bureau said that the trampoline hall project is an entertainment facility, not a sports facility, not under the jurisdiction of the Sports Bureau. Xuzhou Emergency Management Bureau previously responded to the media that the safety incident occurred in the trampoline process is not a safety accident in the production process, so it is not under the supervision of the Department.

To this end, Professor Qiu Jianxin of the school of Humanities and social sciences of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics believes that the emergence of regulatory blind spots reflects the poor performance of relevant departments. With the emergence of various experiential entertainment projects, relevant departments should study and follow up in a timely manner with zero tolerance of safety risks, clarify relevant regulatory responsibilities and form a regulatory joint force. It is not only unable to eliminate the hidden danger of the net red facilities, but also indirectly let some operators play the edge ball to avoid the responsibility and put consumers in a greater hidden danger.

Qiu Jianxin: I think functional departments should take this matter as a case study, and carry out corresponding risk control and strict supervision on manufacturers and operators in principle from the perspective of risk prediction. At the same time, the process management should also be carried out in this process. Through the professional education and training of professional and technical personnel, the examination and certification should be strictly checked. If there is personal injury, the enterprise should bear what it should bear, and should also increase the intensity of punishment. If the awareness of system and risk control lags behind seriously, and the management work is seriously absent, then the occurrence of accident risk is very normal, so I think the key is whether the government should shoulder the responsibility.

Article source: CCTV voice of China, pear video, Jiangsu reporter: Tong Sen, CCTV reporter: Jing Ming