First impression: a live fish warms a city

 First impression: a live fish warms a city

From January 23 to April 8, 76 days and nights, the people of Wuhan hold fast together, with difficulties, suffering, confidence and hope have mixed feelings.

But in this continuous persistence, there is a sentence like the spring breeze and the rising sun, which warms everyones heart.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, general secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about the people of Wuhan. On March 10, on the day of his visit to Wuhan, he came to the centralized distribution point of living materials in Donghu New Town community to inquire in detail about the purchase and supply of living materials such as rice, flour, grain, oil, fresh vegetables and fruits.

How many dishes are there for today? How can vegetables be delivered to residents? How much is the meat? Does everyone have it? The general secretary asked very carefully.

In his inspection, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed that we should give full consideration to the basic living needs of the masses, closely monitor the market supply and demand and price dynamics, and ensure the supply of rice, grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs and milk and other necessities. People in Wuhan like to eat live fish, and they should organize and supply more when conditions permit, he added

Wuhan is a city built by the river. People here have the habit of eating fish since childhood. They eat fish at home for happy occasions, on New Years holidays, and usually.

Fish is not only an important dish in the daily life of Wuhan people, but also a river feeling in Wuhan peoples mind. In the days of epidemic prevention and control, many people in Wuhan, where the pause key was pressed, did not know the taste of live fish in January.

From the basic living needs of the masses to the employment and income increase of the peasants, from caring for the orphaned and widowed old people, the children in need, the seriously ill and disabled people isolated at home due to the epidemic to strengthening the psychological guidance and intervention of the masses Where the people are concerned, the general secretary is concerned.

In the numerous epidemic prevention and control work, the general secretarys feelings for peoples livelihood are truly reflected in a live fish. This fish is not only about the rising fireworks in the world, but also reflects the deep love between the Communist Party of China and the people.

Peoples livelihood is very small, as small as a fish on peoples table.

From the Great Hall of the people to the field, from the old revolutionary base area in southern Jiangxi to the farmyard in Inner Mongolia, from Wuhan, a major war epidemic area, to Qinba Mountain Area As the helmsman of the state and the leader of the people, general secretary Xi Jinping always attached importance to the people and regarded the trivial matters of the people as top priority.

Ask the people if it is convenient to handle affairs, see how the peoples housing is improved, care about the growth of farmers income, instruct community workers to be prime ministers of Alleys, understand the needs and expectations of people in various industries and fields The idea of taking the people as the center, which is based on research, letters, speeches and exhortations, runs through every footprint of his country.

Peoples livelihood is the foundation of peoples happiness and social harmony.

In 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia disrupted the pace of life. Facing the epidemic situation, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core has always put the peoples life safety and health in the first place and always adheres to the principle that peoples interests are above everything else.

This years NPC and CPPCC General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to the Hubei delegation to participate in deliberation: you are the representatives of the 60 million people of Hubei, I want to see you. During the review, Yu Cheng, a representative of the community working during the epidemic, quoted the words of an old man in the community: its unimaginable to be able to reverse the situation in such a short period of time after living most of his life and experiencing various disasters and tribulations. What we send to the community is not only a fish and a basket of eggs, but also the care of the Party Central Committee and the people of the whole country, she told the general secretary When it comes to emotion, her voice choked and she stood up and bowed.

The first intention of the Communist Party of China is consistent.