Milu: the 2022 World Cup will belong to Messi. He has a strong desire for revenge

 Milu: the 2022 World Cup will belong to Messi. He has a strong desire for revenge

Milu is a great coach. He once led Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, Nigeria and China to participate in the finals of the world cup. It can be said that Milu is well-informed. In Milus opinion, Maradona is the greatest football player. Maradona is the greatest football player, and his influence on Argentinas winning the 1986 Mexico world cup The force is incredible.

So in Milus opinion, who is better, Maradona or Messi? Milus answer is, the two are in different times. They are both excellent. Everyone is talking about Diego, but Messi scored more goals. In the era of Maradona, he has many excellent players, from goalkeeper to bardano. But looking back at Argentina now, Im not sure Messis teammates have the same level as those of Maradona

Messi has made great achievements in the clubs career. Winning the championship is like finding things out. But in the Argentina adult team, Messi didnt win any titles. If he relaxed to the Argentina international Olympic team, Messi would only win the Olympic Games once.

However, Milu is optimistic that Messi will win the world cup in 2022, for Messi, this will be the perfect world cup, he will work very hard, I think Messi will have a strong desire for revenge.

Messi was the closest to winning the world cup in Brazil in 2014, when he led the team to the final, but lost to later champions Germany, so Milu thought Messi would have a vengeful mentality.

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