SDB version 10.0 enterprise master data management solution officially released

 SDB version 10.0 enterprise master data management solution officially released

Stibosystems integration solutions will continue to provide enterprises with the quality and value they need to transform all complex data into a single, clear, visual real world, so as to help them make informed, data-based decisions and achieve business goals.

Stibosystemss new step technology platform of version 10.0 and the master data management solution of the whole product line have a number of important updates, including:

Multi tenant software as a service: provide direct migration path for existing customers without missing any customer

User experience (UX): the new search navigation design allows you to experience a more artistic and smooth search experience, so that the productivity of enterprises can be improved at a glance;

B2B customer management: support complex business scenarios, including saps / 4hana upgrade;

In addition, the whole product line of stibosystems and the update focus of integrated technology platform are focused on improving user experience. Version 10.0 has important function improvement in product master data management (PMDM), customer master data management (CMDM), product data federation (PDS), product life cycle management (PLM), and integrated technology platform step, etc.

Four new skills of product master data management (PMDM)

Focus on the user experience: put the user experience in the first place to ensure the consistency of the whole solution.

Better data and transparency: in order to enable data management and data quality to provide transparency through better data, stibosystems 10.0 enterprise level master data management solution has added precise search function, which allows more complex search, saving and sharing search results. Partial approval function - data can be pushed to the downstream system where data must be processed as early as possible in order to speed up product launch. Online Analytics u2013 enhanced stibosystems embedded analytics platform, now combines content and analytics results in one screen, providing instant access to actionable insights, enabling users to make informed decisions when processing data.

Open platform: enhanced data association can now provide users with broader product visibility in the channel, so as to advance the time of product launch, increase business revenue, predict and better activate channel sales. Asyncframework can also provide users with more content translation services.

Faster realization of value: product upgrading updates the product MDM software package for retail industry, introduces predefined data modeling, matching, link rules, workflow and improves user experience, so as to support the reconstruction of the sellers business value point from the buyers resources.

The new version provides better support for the customer-centric master data management MDM of Companies in the fast moving consumer goods industry (CPG), manufacturing industry and distribution industry, including improving the ability of stibosystems products to interact with SAP, and providing complete control and management in the process of de merging through the new method of intuitive guide to de merge.

Product data syndication (PDS)

In version 10.0, many innovations have been made, including the electronic product catalog where retailers can self serve product content, which can develop new channels for enterprises and continue to deepen the value of our existing channels; through selection, matching and publishing, the process of data association is simpler and faster, and seamless connection between productmdm and PDS is formed.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

The new version further enhances and improves the solution of labeling private brand food and formula for FMCG, and uses the industrys best process and supporting data model to simplify and speed up product development.

The new version of step, an integrated technology platform, includes the general availability of Cassandra database for product MDM in SaaS environment, providing alternatives for multi tenant and non Oracle users. It also includes the general availability of graphqlapi provided in stibosystems new open platform functions, providing users with greater control and flexibility to build a new user interface, which can be directly integrated with more systems without external tools or custom format plug-ins, while maintaining system integrity. For more information about the new version of the enterprise master data management solution, you can go to stibo systems China official website for more complete information. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

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