Exclusive live data analysis of e-commerce on the whole network mobile app -- cicada mom officially launched

 Exclusive live data analysis of e-commerce on the whole network mobile app -- cicada mom officially launched

Whether you are a short video Taoist, live broadcast expert, MCN organization or even a brand owner, you can find the data you need here.

01 live broadcast list

Cicadas mother provides the most accurate detailed data of the whole network, including the number and popularity trend of the live room, the number of gifts, sales and sales volume of goods, etc., and supports five lists, including live live real-time list, talent with goods list, live goods list, gift income list, and local luxury gifts list.

[live broadcast list] live broadcast real time list: Hourly live data

[list of products delivered by talents] list of sales volume of products delivered live by talents yesterday

[gift income list] [gift giving list of local tyrants] yesterdays top gifts income list and the list of local tyrants who gave the most gifts

Live share tiktok

02 commodity list

Cicadas mother provides live product list data. You can see the products that are popular through live broadcast every day. You can filter them according to product classification and product platform source. It supports three functions: selection library, product list and product details page.

[selection warehouse] million level commodity warehouse

Tiktok tiktok sales list, hot push list, official voice list and Taobao real time sales list and Taobao all day long master list

03 talent list

Cicadas mother provides the data of e-commerce talent base, through which businesses can find the right talent to bring their own goods. Support the top three lists: talent list, growth talent list and talent details page.

[talent pool] more than 50 million talent pools

Master list tiktok, share master list and live sharing list: the official list of shaking voice, the incremental ranking of business video points and the ranking of live heat ratings.

[growth talent list] the exclusive growth index of cicada mom

04 video library

Cicadas mother provides data of e-commerce video database, and talents can watch the recent popular video creativity for creation.

More convenient functions of cicada mom app are waiting for you to experience. Now you can download the cicada mom app by logging on the official website of cicada mom, and IOS users can also search the cicada Mom download experience directly in the apple store. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485