Many organizations are deeply involved in LETV. Com. Sun Hongbin has already cut meat for 0 yuan

 Many organizations are deeply involved in LETV. Com. Sun Hongbin has already cut meat for 0 yuan

As of the press release of the 21st century economic report, LETV had more than 7 million return orders, with a total market value of 6.1 billion yuan, at 1.52 yuan.

According to the announcement, LETV shares have been decided by Shenzhen Stock Exchange to terminate listing. Today, LETV officially enters the delisting consolidation period of 30 trading days, with the expected final trading date of July 20. During the trading period of delisting consolidation period, the company will not plan or implement major asset restructuring matters.

According to Shenzhen Stock Exchange implementation measures for delisting companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (revised in 2018), gem does not accept the application for relisting. Therefore, LETV, as a gem company, cannot relist after delisting. These 30 trading days have become the last time for LETV shareholders to escape from the secondary market of a shares.

The first quarter report shows that as of March 31, the number of shareholders of LETV was 280700.

Among them, Jia Yueting holds 920 million shares, accounting for 23.07%, which is still the largest shareholder of LETV; Jia Yuemin holds 63.68 million shares, accounting for 1.6%; LETV holding (Beijing) Co., Ltd. holds 23.88 million shares, accounting for 0.6%; all the shares held by the three are frozen.

However, even as the largest shareholder of LETV, the delisting of LETV has little impact on Jia Yueting. Jia Yueting has pledged 857 million shares, accounting for 93.05% of the companys shares.

The securities companies that deal with the stock pledge have become the takeover man of the bottom. Oriental Securities, Founder Securities and Western securities are all involved. Western securities, the worst, was forced to withdraw 439.4 million yuan of asset impairment reserves, eating up 30% of its net profit attributable to its parent in 2017.

A number of institutional asset management plans have also failed LETV.

According to the first quarter report, among the top ten outstanding shares, there are 5 institutions with a total shareholding of 2.31%, including fuchundingzeng 1061 asset management plan and 1076 asset management plan of CAITONG fund, Dacheng China securities financial asset management plan, GF China securities financial asset management plan, and China Europe China securities financial asset management plan.

According to the simple equity change report released by LETV on the evening of June 3, on May 22, Zhixin cloud and Yingrui Huixin (controlled by rongchuang group through contract) signed the equity transfer agreement. Yingrui Huixin plans to transfer 100% of its equity (accounting for 8.56% of the companys total equity) of Jiarui Huixin to Zhixin cloud. After this equity change, rongchuang China will no longer hold LETV shares.

Why did rongchuang choose to transfer the 8.56% equity of LETV acquired by Hao with 6 billion yuan three years later?

As of press release, LETV has yet to respond to this letter of concern.

(author: Zhou Ying editor: Li Xinjiang)

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