Fixed increase of 4.3 billion in Zhaoyi Innovation: Investment by geweidong and Singapore government

 Fixed increase of 4.3 billion in Zhaoyi Innovation: Investment by geweidong and Singapore government

It is worth noting that 42 investors, including J.P. Morgan Securities PLC, CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. (asset management), China Construction Investment Securities Co., Ltd., South Fund, etc., participated in the quotation in the process of the fixed increase of Zhaoyi innovation, but 5 investors finally fell.

The offering price of Zhaoyi innovation is 203.78 yuan / share, the number of shares issued is 21219077, and the total amount of raised funds is 4.324 billion yuan.

Therefore, according to the quotation, five groups of quotations exceeding the issuance price of 203.78 yuan / share were shortlisted.

Geweidong was allocated 7.36 million shares, with the number of shares increased from 1373.4557 million to 210.95436 million, and the proportion of shares increased from 3.06% to 4.48%, from the sixth largest shareholder to the fifth largest shareholder.

In addition, life forever received 2.748061 million shares, with the allocated amount of RMB 560 million; Boshi fund received 711551 million shares, with the allocated amount of RMB 145 million; Qingdao City Investment Technology Development Co., Ltd. received 613406 shares, with the allocated amount of RMB 125 million.

The lock-in period for the five investors to be allotted shares is six months.

The net fund raised by Zhaoyi innovation is 4.282 billion yuan, which will be used for DRAM chip R & D and industrialization projects, as well as to supplement working capital.

Zhaoyi innovation said that after the implementation of the raised capital investment project, it will increase the sales of DRAM products, expand the type and scale of memory products, increase the revenue share of the memory business segment, and enrich the revenue composition, greatly improve the companys sustainable development ability and follow-up development space, and provide guarantee for the further improvement of the companys business performance.

According to the public information, Zhaoyi innovation was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 18, 2016, with Zhu Yiming, the controlling shareholder and the actual controller of the company.

It is worth noting that on June 4, Zhaoyi innovation fell slightly by 0.93% to 205.66 yuan / share, only slightly higher than the issue price of 203.78 yuan / share, plus the total market value of 96.8 billion yuan after the fixed increase.

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