Eight departments of the state: focusing on the special rectification actions of the live network industry

 Eight departments of the state: focusing on the special rectification actions of the live network industry

In recent years, although the online live broadcasting industry has been effectively managed and standardized, some small and medium-sized live broadcasting platforms are still in chaos. Especially during the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, most netizens in China increased significantly in the Internet time. Some broadcast platforms took advantage of this opportunity to attract users to reward them with high interest, such as sending welfare, vulgar performances, and downward movements, in order to pursue traffic and attract attention, allowing the anchor to be exposed, vulgar and ill behaved. The number of reported cases remains high; some live broadcast platform hosts peddle Sanwu products and fake and inferior goods to Internet users, seriously infringing the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and disrupting the order of the normal online shopping market; some live broadcast platform hosts publicize historical nihilism and worship wrong thoughts, spread rumors and information, spread feudal superstition, and even make negative comments Engaged in illegal and criminal activities such as network fraud; some live platforms engaged in obscene pornography and online gambling, spread harmful links and QR codes through social groups and forums, openly recruit practitioners engaged in pornographic live broadcasting, teach methods of avoiding network investigation, etc. These illegal behaviors of the network live broadcasting platform have seriously damaged the network ecology and have a bad impact on the healthy growth of young people, which must be resolutely managed.

The ultimate goal is to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. The above-mentioned person in charge said that the national network information office and the national anti pornography and anti-counterfeiting office will, together with the relevant departments, adhere to the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root causes and carrying out the management and policy guidance to promote the high-quality development of the online live broadcasting industry while carrying out the special renovation, explore the implementation of the grading and classification standards of online live broadcasting, as well as the management rules of online live broadcasting reward and online live delivery To form an online anchor evaluation system to encourage the supply of positive energy content, crack down on illegal live broadcasting, seriously investigate the responsibilities of relevant live broadcasting platforms, and further create a positive, healthy, nutritious and energetic online live broadcasting space.

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