Sheng minglans philosophy of life in whether you know it or not, girls should have a good look

 Sheng minglans philosophy of life in whether you know it or not, girls should have a good look

Looking at minglans life, we will find that it is really important how a persons birth is, but it depends on how hard he tries to live.

So what kind of life philosophy does minglan have to learn? I think I can talk with you today.

Its better to rely on oneself than on anyone in ones life

At the beginning of whether you know it or not, the scene of minglan running to ask his father to sit in the little mothers room was staged. The reason why she wants to do this is that her mother, Wei xiaoniang, is not allowed to be spoiled, and her family has no background. Lin xiaoniang, who is in charge of the family, arbitrarily cuts off their food and charcoal fire. She is so angry that she wants to ask her father who will not come for a long time to make the decision for her and her mother.

Then the little child understood the importance of leaning on the mountain, but she didnt know that the consequence of her doing this was to let Lin xiaoniang hate them completely, to use tricks to make Wei xiaoniang very difficult to give birth, and there was no one to look after when she was giving birth. Finally, one body and two lives made minglan completely lose her dependence.

Before Wei xiaoniang died, she touched minglans head and said, you are the only one left after I leave. What can you do? Then, he admonished minglan, its important to judge the situation, keep improving, learn to tolerate, and live first.

However, her heart is always firm, because xiaoniang Wei not only teaches minglan to be low-key and forbearing, but also gives minglan the painting of Li Niangzi guarding Niangziguan before dying, encouraging her to be independent and self-improvement.

And grandmother is in the process of her growth to become her best teacher, teach her not to be afraid of trouble, women should be strong and forbearing, but also independent.

In this way, minglan is not arrogant and impetuous. Although she seems a little timid and cautious, she actually has an idea. She doesnt want anything that doesnt belong to her. She doesnt do anything that she doesnt think she is sure about. She knows how to live her life.

Even when she was at home with her grandmother, she was never arrogant or impetuous. Even when she was married and loved by her husband, she always relied on herself and not on each other too much.

I remember her saying: in this world, there is no one who can lean on the mountain. Everyone has their own difficulties. Its better not to count on others too much, but not too much, too deep. The more you count on, there will inevitably be some disappointment. If you are disappointed too much, you will have resentment, resentment, hatred, and this day will be sad.

Yes, it sounds cruel, but this is the truth of life and the essence of marriage. We can only strive for what we want if we make ourselves stronger first. If you only want to rely on others, we will lose this dependence eventually, because there is no one in the world who will accompany you forever. Only ourselves can accompany you to the end of the life train u3002

In fact, the old lady of Shengjia also said that she said to minglan before she got married: although he protects you, dont rely too much on him. We women, after all, have to support ourselves. You have to have money in your hand and a heart around you to live comfortably.

Because of this wisdom, the old lady, despite her unfortunate marriage, can still make the rest of her life look good. Women, we must not regard marriage as the whole of life, but strive to become independent, so that even if there are some changes in your life, you can still be on your own.

Your goodness needs to be sharp

In the play know no, minglan has always been famous for her good temper. No matter what happens, she always faces difficulties with a smile. However, minglan is not the kind of girl who can be rubbed by others at will. She has several angry scenes, which are impressive.

One of the things that I remember vividly is the time when grandma was poisoned.

When she learned that her grandmother was not ill but poisoned, minglan went to trial her aunt Kang with a big stomach and pleaded for her grandmother.

In the face of Sheng Xuan, who is hesitant, she said, dont worry, Dad. My daughter wont give you any trouble. Ill put people outside to kill. Faced with a complex situation, she said: in this world, between people, it is often to see who is more open-minded than who. They dare not go out, but I dare. In the face of her father who wanted to face down the matter, she roared: Ive long wanted to understand that from now on, even if you dont recognize me, even if I have offended the whole family, there will be no family to rely on in the future. I dont want any honor, honor or officials orders. I want a justice. I only want to pay my grandmother a justice.

At this time, minglan understood that she could not solve anything by simply forbearing. If she wanted to protect her grandmother, she could not compromise.

Finally, because of minglans insistence, aunt Kang, the culprit of the incident, was punished as she should have been, and the eldest lady was sent back to her hometown. She finally used her ability to protect the people she wanted to protect, so that no one could despise her any more.

People dont offend me and I dont. this is the philosophy of life of minglan. Because there are many people in the world who look at your kindness and feel that you are bullying, and then deliberately make trouble and start provocation.

If you want to be safe and successful in your life and protect yourself and the people you want to protect, you need to take a bit of edge in your goodness, so that you can know that I have my principle bottom line and cant be trampled by others.

At this point, I particularly like the words that uncle Gu said to the domineering old lady Wang: my wife is timid, dare not listen to chicken killing, afraid of thunder, faint at the sight of blood, hide at the sight of injury, so a person is forced to be killed by you. It seems that in these days, who is horizontal speaks?

Yes, a persons kindness is precious, but no matter how kind he is, he cant just give in. This is to encourage other peoples ambition and destroy his prestige. At any time, if you want to live as you want, you need to protect yourself first, and then you need to release when you need to.

Dont keep it when you pay, dont keep it when you leave

Minglan has been living a sober and rational life, which most women can not do, but she is not out of control. In the face of the feelings with Qiheng, although she knew that there might not be any good results in the end, she was still willing to fight for him once. When Qiheng said to her, Im not married to Qiheng in this life. she said, even if you dont marry me at last, I will remember what you are today..

However, Qi Heng finally failed to fulfill her promise. Facing the threat of the county Lords mother, he chose to compromise, making minglan the laughingstock of all.

But minglan didnt fall down because of this. She went back to her hometown with her grandmother and lived a strong and happy life. She said: grandma, dont worry, I just think that we cant make a detour in this yard all our lives. In the future, I can save a lot of money. When Im free, Ill go to the mountains and play water, hit the ball and fish, and break the ice on both sides of the land. Naturally, my life will be happy. If in order to fight for a meal in front of a man, instead of turning yourself into an ugly crazy woman, this life is not worth much.

Facing such a transparent girl, how can she not be happy?

Later, when Qiheng was obsessed with the past and was in trouble with Gu tingye in the court, she went to persuade Qiheng to put it down: little Gongye, you have married, I have married, and I cant go back all my life. Little Gongye, if we look back all our lives, we will not be able to live this life.

In fact, in the case of little Gongye, minglan is not sad, nor really able to forget the past, but she knows that there are always many helplessness in peoples life, love is not the normal, the most useless is regret, and it has been entangled in the past, not like looking forward, every day in the future is good.

Minglans courage to stop loss in time is something every girl should learn. Life is not long. Dont take the mistakes of the past and pay for the future. We should learn to let go and try our best to live a better life.

Only by reading more and thinking more can we live a good life

After becoming the Marquis, minglan was favored by the queen. She was willing to listen to her opinions on many matters, but when something happened to minglan, something happened to Shulan, and Lady Zhang had problems, she was willing to ask minglan to help out.

What ability does minglan have to let so many people give her green eyes? Its because she learned from childhood and understood the reason, so she was not impatient and could come up with a good way.

And minglans talent has also helped her a lot in her marriage, so that she can be strong and independent, not always thinking about who to rely on, meeting things that need her to make up her mind, but also be resolute.

All this is due to the foresight of the old lady of the Sheng family. She once said, its short-sighted not to want women to read.. In all the dynasties, which one is not wise from childhood. If it is really useless for women to read, will they let their daughters suffer from this crime?

Yes, the so-called theory that reading is useless and that women are incompetent is that virtue is false. Either the parents with shallow knowledge are not willing to invest in their daughter, or some people with ulterior motives want women to be ignorant and unreasonable, so as to better control them.

Girls must remember that no matter when they arrive, learning to read is the most useful, while complaining is the most useless. If you dont read, you will feel hungry mentally just like you dont have enough to eat.

Reading will let people learn to think, can let people calm down, let you no matter what happens, calm and rational, transparent and open-minded, let you no matter who you face, can live a real self and have the best happiness.

All the dramas of heroines counter attack will have a very similar feature, that is, the heroine must be resolute, kind and brave. She may not be very lucky, but she must work hard.

Please remember, what kind of way you treat life, life will give back to you in the same way, as long as we are willing, we can certainly turn against the wind, happy.

No matter in good times or in bad ones, please dont complain about yourself, abandon yourself, cultivate yourself well, and then as long as your hard work is added to the bitter life, you will surely wait for the sweetness that belongs to you.

Im Xi Yan, a columnist, a young girl who is neither old-fashioned nor old-minded. She likes to write warm words and do sensitive programs. She has published the rest of your life is about me. If you have a story, please come to me.