No one can copy Li Jiaqi

 No one can copy Li Jiaqi

He likes to do this.

In one year, 385 live broadcast records made him an inspirational example in many articles. He said it was a little bitter, but in his own description, it was much more positive.

Dealing with and sharing with people is something he cant give up.

Once a year, e-commerce express stopped. He took his family on a trip to Thailand. On the fourth day, he couldnt stand it. He wanted to broadcast it live, so he set up his mobile phone and shared his recent life with his fans.

The other day, he tweeted:

Do you think Li Jiaqis live studio is just for you?

There are a variety of answers, several of which are impressiveu2014u2014

Its the temptation to go home, the terminal of wallet and the driving force of work;

It is a single cross talk, a magic tool for dinner, and a necessary BGM for homework;

Its company, its a haven, its the fireworks at 8:15.

01 a day for Li Jiaqi

Many people think its easy to be a Taobao anchor, but just sit there and talk.

If you think so, why dont you come to Luyu for a days trip and see the day of the host Li Jiaqi.

His schedule is on average six hours behind that of normal people.

In the afternoon, when I arrived at the company, countless meetings were waiting for him to hold, such as brand meeting, brand packaging design meeting, snack tasting meeting, beauty cosmetics selection meeting, and live replay meeting

Lu Yu worried about his rapid and intensive decision-making, arent you afraid of making mistakes?

His answer is not afraid, because for such a long time, he basically failed.

Those quick decisions are not just a slap in the head. Behind them are his experience and countless customers standing behind him.

I have to face countless customers every day. I have collected the information of countless customers in my head. What they like, what they think is good, or what they want to buy, its all in my head, so I can give a response. So I said if you want to copy a Li Jiaqi, its impossible, because this thing is really that you cant train, you cant open a class. This is because you have to work for a long time and you are born to love this thing so that you can do it. It doesnt mean how powerful I am or how powerful I am. It is really after doing this thing for a long time and after settling down, I can catch them as I do now.

After a series of meetings, if there is a guest coming, check the script. If there is no one, play it in half an hour.

He felt that only in this way would he be energetic and the audience would look cool. If the introduction is very plain, they may fall asleep in less than ten minutes. Although the voice has been a big problem, he is more willing to work hard to alleviate the voice problem in various ways, rather than give up this state.

I will definitely keep my state and broadcast it to Li Jiaqis last live broadcast.

Its a fake to say that hes not tired, but he enjoys the feeling. Because he doesnt work for him, he feels very tired.

And he hoped that when he was young, he would be too tired, or he would be wasted.

In retrospect, when others are too tired to share with you, you dont have it. he thought this kind of scenario was particularly terrible.

02 no persistence, no Li Jiaqi

Li Jiaqi is a high school talent dance. She is a little late, hard and cant pull away. She kicks and practices the same action over and over again every day, like taking off a layer of skin.

Now in retrospect, those boring exercises helped him a lot and honed his will. It was those insistence that enabled him to achieve 8:15 every day. No matter what happened, he could start broadcasting.

Many things, when we look back, have already planted seeds.

Now in retrospect, he thinks his two previous decisions seem particularly right now.

The first is that he spent a lot of time outside to experience all kinds of work, selling clothes, cosmetics, dance teachers, arranging new years party for others, selling wine in bars, and selling womens clothes.

The second is that after he worked, he used to sell goods at the counter. In 2016, the company tried to live broadcast, encouraging employees to live sell goods for two hours after work, and their wages could double.

The original purpose was to solve the problem of food and clothing and make yourself live a better life. As a result, it didnt work for two months.

Just then, he had a serious illness and was too weak. His mother came to persuade him that there was no future for a boy to make up.

Do you want to continue as a host or go back to the civil service? This is the choice he faces.

Some people may think that its better to give up if it doesnt work for two months, but Li Jiaqis response is: since its been two months, why not do it again?

He was just sick, so weak that it was difficult to stand and work, but in those days, when he started broadcasting, the data doubled, and then slowly recovered.

He has a sense of destiny. If he gives up in those days, he may not be able to hook up with the live broadcast in his life.

He used to love playing. When he was a cabinet elder brother, although he only got 3000 yuan a months salary, he was not moved by the salary increase of senior executives of ski. He was reluctant to eat and drink with his friends. Today you treat him, tomorrow I treat him, and everyone loves him.

When he first decided to be a host, his friends didnt understand. Why do you do this every day?

At that time, his goal was to broadcast six hours a day, from 6:00 to 12:00, for 30 consecutive days.

At that time, my colleague immediately called to scold him: why cant you do this? You cant do this what else do you have to do?

The result is another 30 days from the beginning.

Since then, he seems to be used to live several hours a day, locking all his personal space and life away. From that day on, Li Jiaqi felt that he could stop playing for live broadcast.

He stressed solemnly in the program that without persistence, there would be no Li Jiaqi.

Maybe persistence doesnt necessarily lead to success, but if we dont, we may not have a chance at all.

03 meaning is more important than happiness

Many people in the live broadcasting industry say that they will not go far. They advise Li Jiaqi to make a profit first.

He felt that the idea of make a profit first would never be sustainable.

He knew he would come down from that peak, but he would still do things with conscience.

At the beginning of the huge fame and wealth, he also drifted by, felt that he was very powerful, and the way of talking with his colleagues changed. He realized that he soon pulled himself back.

He didnt have a goal before, but he didnt have an ideal one. To say that, he did a good job of live broadcasting every day. Many people didnt believe him. They said that you must want to do a lot of things, but you didnt say that.

He thinks its useless to talk about goals and ideals. If he cant even do this right now, what can he talk about later?

Add a little progress to your daily work, and the bigger goal will naturally come to you, and you can take it when it comes.

Now that bigger goal is gradually becoming clear. His ultimate goal is to be a brand of domestic products that affects the world and a Chinese Sephora.

At present, he will constantly make changes and new attempts in his own live studio, so that you can see that Li Jiaqi is also making progress.

It seems that he doesnt need to insist on such a high frequency live broadcast, or he can shorten the duration of the live broadcast.

What keeps him going?

First, its a very realistic reason - a good income;

The second is the happiness of being needed.

Someone ran to his micro blog and left a message, saying that I didnt come to your live room to buy things. When I was bored by doing health work at home, I wanted a voice to accompany me.

This makes him very happy and makes him feel that he can help a lot of people.

He said that his stupidest and simplest idea is, if he doesnt broadcast live, will the next Li Jiaqi be like him?

Im worried about them being cheated.

He couldnt help imagining the scene of the last live broadcast. He didnt dare to say to his fans that this was my last live broadcast.

He may not say anything at the end of the show, but he will also think, will they find me on Weibo?

Lu Yu asked him, if you can do multiple choice questions, you can only choose one, will you like the past life or the present life?

He chose the present, and he felt that the present life was more meaningful.

Significance or happiness?

Meaning matters.

The dictionary definition of Survivor is: survival by chance.

I think what he said in a speech is more accurate: coming out of 300000 anchors, I am not a survivor, but really like a survivor.

I dont think that anyone in my life will be like me applying lipstick on my mouth more than 20000 times a year. How proud this is, how meaningful this is, how happy I am. I can be happy every day.

I really think its cool.

Li Jiaqi is cool.

The illustrations of the article are from a days trip to Shandong and Henan and Li Jiaqis Micro blog.